P’s Sunday 3.23 and Monday 3.24 Meals and Weigh-Ins

I am happy to be back on track for good eating these last two days.  Maybe since I decided “I am a Triathlete”, I will fuel my bod accordingly:

Sunday weigh-in – as I said yesterday = 146.6

Monday weigh-in: 144.2

Sunday Meals:

Scrambled eggs with arugula, goat cheese and kalamata olives:


Strawberry Protein Drink after my bike ride:


Snack of pepperoni after grocery shopping:


Dinner was left-over meatloaf (made with no breadcrumbs) with 1 slice Trader Joe’s organic American cheese melted on it and Low carb oriental salad with almonds instead of jicama:


Snack was a Cracklebread with goat-cheese and kalamata olive slices:


I LOVE these crackers and with only 4 grams of carbs per cracker, this is a great way to stave off cravings for chips and other snacks:


Late night snack was a grapefruit:



Monday Meals:

Pot roast cooked all night in the crock-pot – I am really perfecting this!


Crackelbread with 1 TBS Pub Cheese – Jalapeño flavor


Left over Chicken tenders simmered in organic cream of mushroom soup – Husband B made this the other night and it was mighty tasty – forgot to take picture.

Steamed broccoli with 1 slice melted Trader Joe’s American Cheese:


Coffee time with 1-2 OZ peanuts:


Handful of baby carrots – forgot to take picture.

Strawberry Yogurt Protein Shake after evening Tri-training:


Dinner – grilled burger with sautéed Trader Joe’s Hericotts verts, baby bell peppers and peperoni:



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