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I realized after the last few postings, that all my meals are starting to look the same. I think that is what makes it a little boring to keep posting what I eat. So I found a few amazing recipes over the weekend and wanted to share as both meals turned out great. The first one is Shrimp Tacos from The Pioneer Woman website. Link to come. I did not make the pico de gallo (used some I bought at Whole Foods) and in the slaw, I did not use the sugar. I am a huge slaw fan and this was SO easy and tasty and perfect with the tacos. I did eat two corn tortillas but opted for organic sprouted corn ones. They had quite a few carbs but at least were the healthiest choice I could find. My finished meal actually looked like the picture in the recipe.

shrimptacosClick for the recipe.

Last night, I made Cauliflower Pizza Casserole. This was SO good that my husband (“I hate cauliflower”) ate a huge bowl of it! I had actually forgotten that he hated cauliflower because there are very few foods that he won’t eat. And he loves veggies as much as I do. Luckily, we had been grocery shopping over the weekend so there were other choices for him but he decided to try it first. And he loved!

I followed the recipe with one addition, I added some ground red pepper since both of us like that sprinkled on pizza.


Here is the recipe and like the one above, this site has a lot of good-looking recipes.


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