Processed Carbs = Weight Gain, Undeniable Proof

As P and I are finding out one year into our plan, we were correct in not calling it a diet but a lifestyle plan. It is impossible to diet, lose weight and then go back to the way you were eating before you lost the weight. And now I have the proof. Over the past month, I have introduced processed carbs in what I thought was a controlled and planned way. Missing some of my favorite foods and not realizing the highly addictive nature of processed carbs – here’s what I started eating. Two to three sandwiches per week; daily glass of wine before dinner (which I now have to to admit, sometimes turned into two and because I was drinking wine – absolutely no will power when husband brought out the chips, dip and cheese); with those sandwiches, potato salad or worse when the sandwich was a hamburger, onion rings and/or french fries. And that’s it… no other additions and I’ve continued eating healthy veggies, lots of salads, fish and lean meats.

This morning I am up 1.75 pounds! I am bummed, I am also really pissed! I am NOT going to gain this weight back. I will be back on the plan with a new intensity after this lesson. Today I am wearing my size 10 jeans – uncomfortable because they are now a bit too tight. But this will remind me all day how uncomfortable I was when I couldn’t even get said jeans over my thighs.


Processed Carbs = Weight Gain, Undeniable Proof — 3 Comments

  1. I hear ya’ D! These carbs must be addictive because I am having a super hard time keeping them out of my diet. Despite finding those new low carb crackers, I’ve been eating any carb in site. BTW – I’m wearing my size 12 jeans that I wore when we started a year ago! Maybe I should force myself to wear the tight jeans!

  2. I linked to you off of w30. Your remarks seem identical to mine only i’m twice as heavy and twice the size. My husband means to treat me well after a long day but the large glass of wine, and the “schnibbles” before dinner, turn every food choice into a what the hey-go ahead and have it and it happens every friday. I’m starting W30 on april 1. Good luck to you.

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