P’s What Would Happen If….I Strictly Followed The “Original” Plan for 30-Days?

It still baffles me how I let myself be dictated by  food - as if that chip has little legs and arms and jumps up to my chin, pries my mouth open and hops right in!  What’s up with that?

I need to do something to shake it up for me – I have definitely let too many foods that should stay on the sidelines make their way into my everyday eating – cheese, cheese spreads, alternate sugar (Stevia and Xylitol), catsup…….

When D and I started The “Original” Plan, we decided we would do it for one week to see what happens. We eliminated cheese at the beginning, and yogurt, even Greek-style, was not part of The “Original” Plan.  We eliminated ALL fruit.  I did not start seeking out sugar substitutes until I needed to sweeten my Low Carb Oriental Salad.  But I only used the Stevia for recipes.

Now, instead of cheese sitting on the sidelines to add flavor to meals, I use cheese as a first-string player in my meal planning, and I eat Greek yogurt with strawberries, Stevia or Xylitol almost every day.  I’ve also added fruit daily, such as apples, grapefruit and, sometimes, bananas – which are a very high-sugar fruit!

This means that, even on the days I think (or report) that I am “on-plan”, I’m not!

Combine that with 2 or 3 days per week of eating totally off plan, and you have the reason why I am frustrated, achy, grumpy and not losing weight – and, in fact, gaining.

So, I decided I wanted to shake things up a bit and be strict with myself – I’m one of those all-or-nothing people who work well with a challenge, but, apparently, not so well without a clear goal.  I was considering doing the Whole 30 program.  D tried it for a little while, I think, but found their forum responses a little condescending, which I agree.  I think, however, they are trying to make people take an adult role in their own lives and not cut themselves slack.

Then, it occurred to me – why do another system, when The “Original” Plan works perfectly for me?  If I’m considering being strict with, and faithful to, a food regime for 30 days, then let me be faithful to The Plan that has been there for me, that has taught me that I love all kinds of veggies, that has taught me to be a creative cook, and that has taught me that my headaches, joint pain, grumpiness and all-that-ails-me is because of the sugar and grains I had been eating?

This led me to think –  What Would Happen If I Strictly Followed The “Original” Plan for 30 Days?

Now, I am off to the grocery store to make it happen!

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