P’s Saturday 3.29.14 Meals

I almost stayed on plan today, but ate two bananas (?) and I also did not tri-train.  Instead I did deep house cleaning – re-arranged furniture and that was enough to make me tired.

I know that if I implement a consistent training program, cleaning the house won’t feel like I just did a triathlon!

So, here’s what I ate:

Chopped up left-over burger with mustard and hot Louisiana Hot Sauce, left over sautéed veggies with pepperoni:


Lunch: 1/2 grapefruit, 2 oz cheese, 5 small pepperonis (really need to go grocery shopping!)


Snack: banana – had one after dinner as well:


Snack carrots, celery and blue cheese dressing – no photo.

I also forgot to take a photo of dinner – I scrounged the freezer and found 1/2 log of spicy Italian sausage, so I browned that, and then added thawed, pressed dry chopped spinach, sliced baby bell peppers, and topped it with feta cheese sprinkles.   It was pretty tasty and I wish I had taken a picture!

This is definitely a benefit of this plan – it has made me a much more creative (and good) cook!

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