The “Original” Plan

Here is what D and I agreed on for the “Original” Plan – I found it in a March 2013 post:

The key for now is to eat only:

Meat, eggs, fish, Cottage cheese (NO non fat/low fat)

Vegetables of all kinds (except no potatoes or corn), and tomatoes, avocados, olives

Salad with full-fat creamy salad dressings (try measuring two tablespoons to increase awareness – I find that if I toss it well in the salad, then it coats everything nicely) (includes ranch, Caesar, blue cheese – though we aren’t generally eating cheese itself)

Olive oil (or other “good” oils), vinegars

Mustard, salsa, (try to stay away from mayo if it has sugar or catsup – because it has sugar – but a little now and then WILL NOT HURT)

3 Oz of nuts per day

Try to avoid:

Legumes (for now – we may decide to experiment with them later)(legumes include black beans, pinto beans, lentils, split peas, etc.)



Pasta, Rice, Bread (that includes melba toast and all crackers)

Sugar (this includes honey, raw sugar, jellies and jams)

Ice cream; Wine, beer and other alcohol

If you have a sweet tooth – try sugar free or diet hot chocolate made with hot water like the directions state, and then add a tbsp or two of real cream to make it rich.


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