P’s Accountability Board

I decided to have a visual helper during the next 30 days – I call it my “Accountability Board.”

For 15 bucks, I got this nifty monthly/weekly dry-erase calendar board at Office Depot:


Along the left-hand side, I wrote the week numbers, and I also wrote the same week numbers on top of the weekly training schedule on the right side of the board.  I’ll check off the training workouts each day as I do them. At the end of the month, I should have at least 4 check marks for each training activity per day.

Just as fun, I filled in the monthly days with a countdown from 30 to 1. I’ll put a smiley face each day that I  stay on The Plan and do my training activity.  I get a smiley for today, March 30!

I am determined to have 30 smiley faces in 30 days!




P’s Accountability Board — 2 Comments

  1. This is a great idea! Visualizing success (or lack of!) will help – me too, I am going to start a system like this too. After a few days of watching the carbs, the weight I had gained is off again. Thank goodness!

    • And I’ll be happy to tell P that D picked up a brownie to eat during our family/cousin get-together this weekend. She promptly put the brownie down without taking a bite……. good job watching those carbs this weekend, D.

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