Update from D

It’s been awhile since I posted on the blog so I am overdue to give an update. I managed to lose the weight I had gained from slipping on the processed carbs and sugar. I am holding steady at my 20 pound loss and still need to go for that last 10 for a grand total of 30 pounds. I am going to adapt P’s Accountability Chart idea and give myself a smiley face for every day I am able to stick to my plan. I’ll get a smiley face each day for:

  1. no or extremely minimal processed carb and sugar (extremely minimal = 1 Dr. Kracker cracker or 1 piece of dark chocolate)
  2. 3 or 4 mile walk, brisk as I can
  3. 2 ups and downs on the stairs per month so I am now at 8 up and 8 down
  4. leg exercises 10 per month so now up to 40 reps on each of four exercises
  5. arm weights 10 per month so now up to 40 reps on each round (I do three different exercises with low weights)
  6. at least 8 hours sleep

In May I will be able to add some laps in the pool as the weather will be nice. I will strive for 1 per month so that will begin me at 5 laps. I still haven’t found a yoga class that I am happy with so I will begin that search again once the weather turns too cold for the pool.

So my new goals are in place, I’m excited. Now I am off to stock up at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s!




Update from D — 2 Comments

  1. Hi D! Glad to hear you are adopting the Accountability Board. Sorry I fell off the face of the earth after setting mine up – the third day in a got a severe case of the flu/bug thing that is going around and missed over a week of work! I hope to be back to restart the Board soon!

    • Hi D & P, glad to read your post D and glad you are “back” after the flu, P…… I look forward to reading your posts as we get into “swimsuit” weather……

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