P’s Sunday, June 1 and Monday, June 2: 2-Days = One and 1/2 Smiley Faces Earned- and that Event Will Come!!!

Sunday, June 1

This was a very good day!  I ate well (cooked a nice 3-cheese quiche) and went for a 9-mile bike ride.

Weight at beginning of day: 145.2

Food eaten June 1:

Crust-less Quiche made with extra cheese since I had no other filling besides spinach – cheddar, mozzarella and goat cheese – I sprinkled Italian spices and lots of garlic powder and pepper – it was really good:


I then went grocery shopping – a much needed errand.

With my afternoon coffee, I had an Atkins Bar – Hazelnut flavor – these are SOOOO good.  It’s hard to believe they work on a low carb diet.  I like to cut them up into bite-sized pieces – it’s more fun that way :-)


After doing some work on  my laptop, I did my 9-mile bike loop once it cooled down a bit.  I was not out to set any records, and while I was a bit tuckered out during the ride, I really enjoyed being out, breathing hard and sweating!

When I got home, B had grilled the rib-eye steaks that I bought earlier, and we topped them with sautéed shrooms and blue cheese crumbles – we also had steamed broccoli with cheddar cheese sauce as a side dish – plus a Modelo Especial!  A meal fit for a king – or at least a newbie “triathlete”!  The evening had cooled down and we enjoyed eating outside:


Monday, June 2:

Only 1/2 a smiley face today because I did  no training today.  But I – kinda – stayed on plan.  The only two  non-plan items were a small banana (eaten at the height of hungry at work), and a very small tangerine.

I’m not used to taking pictures again, so I totally blew that.

I weighed in at 144.4 lbs.

Food June 2:

Breakfast was a piece of 3-cheese quiche.

Then, the only picture I took – coffee with a packet of Atkins chocolate covered almonds – don’t they look nice on the plate?


Then I got really busy at work, I ate carrots and snap peas with a Greek dip from Trader Joes (just OK) as the day wore on.  Then I had the banana and tangerine.

I finally ate another Atkins hazelnut bar – I am pretty sure I should not be eating these as a mainstay!

Once at home after a very long day, I ate left-over taco meat with shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream and shredded lettuce – very tasty – I drank a Modelo Especial as an accompaniment.

Getting home late, unfortunately, provided the perfect excuse not to exercise – I’ll keep trying.

Oh yeah, yesterday I signed up for the Triathlon I always try to do (and bailed out of for the last 3 years) – it’s September 6 - and yes, time marches on and that event WILL come………………………


P’s Sunday, June 1 and Monday, June 2: 2-Days = One and 1/2 Smiley Faces Earned- and that Event Will Come!!! — 1 Comment

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