P’s Sunday, June 8 and Monday, June 9 – Back in “Action” – An Exercise Surprise Turns Into a “what would happen if…”

Last Tuesday, I weighed in at 144.4 – this morning, 146.6 – YIKES!  This is what I mean about the weight climbing back up.  And, it is all fat!

When I was younger and more active – I carried this weight off and on, but I had a lot more muscle – now, every time I gain, I swear it goes straight to my gut as fat.  If I lose my job, I think I could make Holiday income as a very short Santa…..

I’ve decided that it’s the “Action” part that I need to get under control – and if I just follow the food plan – I know I will be healthy!

Sunday, June 8 was a good food day.  And, I decided that a thorough spring cleaning was in order to ease my restlessness.  I usually save the big cleaning for when we have guests.  This time, I did it for me.  I spent 5 hours non-stop cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, sorting, straightening, etc.

I was exhausted!  But, I should not have been exhausted.  That’s one of the things that really frightens me – I’m in pretty bad shape when mere housework takes such a big toll on me.

I gave myself a smiley face for Sunday for the good food day and the non-stop activity.

Here’s the food:

Breakfast – late morning – I was so bummed out at my performance this past week that I lost my appetite!  I did not feel like eating until about 11:00 a.m.  So, I made a Strawberry yogurt protein smoothie.

After finishing the housework, and while dinner was getting made, I made a snack for B and me – sliced green ripe olives and chunks of mozzarella cheese:


Dinner was awesome, ribeye steak (I ate only half of mine), fresh corn on the cob, and a nice salad of romaine, shrooms, red bell peppers, pepitas, grated mozzarella cheese tossed with creamy cilantro dressing:


Monday, June 9:

I decided to exercise when I got up since I am having no luck whatsoever motivating myself to exercise when I get  home from work.

Running – or in my case at this point – lumbering along – takes the least amount of prep.  So, that’s what I decided to do.  I decided to run along the trails by my house.  But, much to my surprise (a surprise because I had forgotten all about it), there are exercise stations along the path  – here are the dogs I posted a long time ago tied off on one of the stations – note the exercise sign in the background:


So, I ran along the path and stopped and did the exercise stations – some were very hard, like walking yourself with your hands along parallel bars, and side vaulting with legs together.

I went for 55 minutes – out and back and stopped at the stations both going and coming back.

What an ideal way to exercise both lower and upper body and build strength and flexibility.

This has led me to my newest – What Would Happen If – that being:

What would happen if I did this circuit everyday for a week?   

As for food, I had a Strawberry Yogurt Protein Drink after I exercised.

Then, for lunch I had crack slaw made with Brussels Sprouts instead of cabbage, plus onions (and 2 pounds ground beef) and ginger dressing – I forgot to take a picture.

Dinner was sautéed mushrooms with Marsala wine with added thin slices of left over ribeye and then topped with crumbled blue cheese and broiled – excellent!




P’s Sunday, June 8 and Monday, June 9 – Back in “Action” – An Exercise Surprise Turns Into a “what would happen if…” — 2 Comments

  1. Still cheering you on from Atlanta…. hang in there…. and I doubt you would make a good sized Santa…… don’t be so hard on your self…. one day at a time!

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