P’s Tuesday, June 3 through Saturday, June 7 – Ups and Downs and Achy Hands

Tuesday, June 3 was a really good day – a couple of us had to go out of town for business, and I had a very strong resolve – despite my coworker eating carbs – see below.  And, though I did not “run” I did take a dog on a 55 minute fast-walk even after getting home pretty late.

But then, the rest of the week I let my taste for carbs and sugars take control.  It is amazing how if you let a few in, they take over your whole way of living, your appetite, your thoughts….

But, once you’ve eradicated them for a while, they no longer have you in their grasp!

Since I have had so significant of a back-slide, not only is my weight still creeping up, but my joints in my hands are extremely achy – seems worse than when we started this last spring.  Maybe I got used to the pain being gone when I was diligent on the program – either way, I am still determined to get back on the wagon – not only for my weight, but, now, for my joints – they’ve been so sore that they wake me up at night!

Tuesday, June 3:

We left town early and stopped for a bite to eat at a coffee shop near where we had to go for work.  My co-worker got a powdered sugar cheese filled Danish – more like an overgrown croissant:


I got a cup of egg salad – which was actually really good and provided necessary protein to get me through a long morning:


For a snack, I ate an Atkins Chocolate caramel mousse bar.

We finished with work after 5, and because traffic back home was a nightmare, we decided to stay in the area and get burgers.  I got a burger with blue cheese, and a side of mixed greens – the restaurant made all their items fresh, including home-made blue cheese dressing, which tasted a lot like D’s homemade ranch:


When I got home, I had some peanuts and a beer:


Rest of the week, and Saturday, June 7

For the rest of the week, I acted as if I could handle any amount of grains and sugar – I ate crackers, a milkshake, pizza, and then, on Saturday, June 7, we had our dog club’s picnic and rescue appreciation.   Great excuse to overindulge in bread products like hotdog buns, chips, desserts…..

The weather was perfect and it was great to again see some of the rescue families that have adopted dogs from us  – fun (and food) was had by all!

One of my friends had brought me a pink stuffed dog – I think it’s supposed to look like our Mexican hairless – or maybe a pink Doberman puppy.  Here is the stuffed animal sitting with our most recent adoptee – Dakota – Dakota got a lot of attention at the picnic – maybe because she was one of a few non-purebred Dobermans :-)  We were fostering her, but she’s fit in so well with our other dogs and is such a nice (but shy) little girl, that we decided to adopt her:





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