Tips for traveling and staying on the plan

The past six months, I’ve been traveling a bit more – mostly to see family and a weekend away here and there. I’ve figured out a few tips that have kept me from indulging in high carb restauarant food and even the food served at guests’ homes. Most of these are really common sense. But I’ve noticed that if I do stick to these, it really keeps me on the plan. The great thing about the plan, is that you can eat at most restaurants and find something to eat. This past weekend I was at my parents – here’s the breakdown of what I ate and how I still stayed mostly on the plan.

Thursday – trip down, stopped at Chick fil A. This is the only fast food restaurant I will eat at for a few reasons. 1. The people who work there are nice and friendly. Yes, this is important to me after spending a good part of my teenage years behind a fast food counter, it isn’t as easy as it looks to keep a positive attitude in the face of grouchy hungry people wanting their food! 2. The food seems pretty fresh, especially salad items. 3. Clean restrooms 4. Usually very fast service.

I had a grilled chicken wrap with Ranch Dressing – ate half. Usually I get the chicken salad in a cup but it can be a little salty. The wrap was higher in carbs of course but I knew if I ate it for lunch, I would not eat any more processed carbs that day because I have trained myself by now. None or minimal processed carbs per day. If I do eat the processed carbs at one meal, I won’t at another one that day. So by going ahead with the wrap, my reasoning was it would keep me from being tempted from eating whatever tempting carbs I might find at my destination.

Dinner at my parents – roasted chicken from Publix, big salad with Lite Blue Cheese Dressing which surprisingly did not have added sugar. Most lite dressings make up for the lack of taste from fat by adding sugar.

No wine, and a tiny bit of ice cream from my Dad’s stash. He had about four or five cartons in the freezer. Very hard to ignore and so kept thinking about them when everyone went to bed. I finally gave up and had a very small coffee cup with about four tablespoons in it. The other thing I know about myself is to stop obsessing about a particular food, go ahead and eat a small amount rather than pigging out and eating too much of it. I guess this is a perfect example of out of sight, out of mind. To keep from eating ice cream at home, I just don’t buy it. Also this shows me, once again, how addictive sugars and carbs are.

Friday morning, walked to Starbuck’s with Mom and sister K. Had coffee, two bites of scone. Back home had a hard boiled egg, deli ham with mustard wrapped in lettuce leaves.

Lunch, Greek salad at Zoe’s Kitchen – no pita bread (was able to resist due to the two bites of scones from breakfast, same rationale as eating the Chick Fil A wrap)

Dinner – one thing that really works when staying with guests is to volunteer to cook the dinner. That way you can do something nice for your hosts as well as make a dinner that is on plan. I made sloppy joe stuffed green peppers and salad.

Sat breakfast – hard boiled egg, turkey pepperoni pieces on romaine lettuce and celery with balsamic vinegar and Greek creamy garlic dressing (full fat) that I had bought the day before since all they had at the house was low fat or lite.

Lunch – Red Robin’s, I had a yummy burger in a lettuce wrap, sweet potato fries instead of the steak fries usually served

Dinner – sister L made her famous beef stroganoff. She also made some zucchini in the oven that was delicious. Cut up zucchini on a pan drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with salt, pepper, garlic powder and parmesan cheese. It worked pefect for me as I skipped the noodles and had the beef with the zucchini pieces. Also had a salad and talked sister L into skipping the croutons that she wanted to put on the salad.

A few snacks during the day – two pieces of chocolate candy from Dad’s stash in the freezer (right next to the ice cream stash!). And after dinner, another small coffee cup with ice cream.

A few more tips:

1. As much as possible, stick to your daily routine. Meals at the same time every day, same time to bed and up in the morning. Exercise.

2. Scout the host’s kitchen (at their permission) to see what low carbs/sugar options are available to keep you on plan when the snacks come out. If not enough choices, make a quick trip to grocery store and stock up. I ended up buying half and half, bottled carbonated water, hummus, low carb breadsticks, salad dressing, celery, a few organic tomatoes, sausage and some spreadable cheese and I was all set for snack time.

3. When some food item is just irrestible, go ahead and have a small amount. As small as possible to avoid later cravings.

4. Do not feel guilty if you do splurge a little, be confident that you will be totally back on plan when you get home.

5. Have fun!



Tips for traveling and staying on the plan — 2 Comments

  1. Hey, D – awesome post! Thanks for the tips especially the one to “be the cook”! I like that it’s a treat for your hosts as well as helps keep you on plan. You’ve re-inspired me to get my head and soul back into the game. I’m blogging from a restaurant called True Food Kitchen….pictures later….

  2. Yes, what P said… awesome post! I was wondering what happened to the croutons for the salad….. now I know….. ha-ha…..

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