The Battle of Old P vs. New P – Is Cooking the Key?

Throwing myself into work has provided the Old P with the perfect opportunity to take over the spot of Head Nutritionist (“HN”) of my body – unfortunately, as I learned after 30 years of eating badly, the Old P makes a horrible HN!  And, to make matters worse, the Old P has hired a colleague of hers to fill the position of Chief Excuse Officer (“CEO”).  The new CEO is doing a bang-up job coming up with extremely creative excuses for the New P to NOT follow the plan and to NOT exercise.  Needless to say, the Old P has run the show over that last several weeks, and the New P seems to have gone on vacation as she is nowhere to be found….and I’m afraid to step on the scale……

Also, with the Old P in as HN, and with the new CEO directing my brain, ALL of the symptoms of a nutritionally abused body have come back.  Not only the flab, but achy fingers, headaches, short temper, tired feeling all day (not even coffee helps), and not sleeping well.

So, to pump up the New P’s confidence to take back over the HN job and fire the CEO, I watched some videos that D had sent me a link to about what carbohydrates do to your body.  It’s a 3-part video series.  It was OK, but a little dry and  I think the movie Fat Head does a terrific job explaining things with clear graphics (note to self to watch the Fat Head movie again).

But, what I did really like were a couple other videos from the same publisher “Phyche Truth”.  Once I pulled up the link D gave me, on the RHS of the You Tube screen there were a lot more videos – I thought this one that advocated eating what they did in the 1920’s and 30’s and cooking your own food was especially relevant.  Her message is great – cook your own food – don’t complain about it – just suck it up and do it!

It got me thinking that, when I was doing really well on this plan, and dropping the pounds so easily – I was extremely diligent about cooking my own food.  As I look at many of the pre-September 2013 posts – I was cooking a lot and loving it!  And, I was eating loads of veggies – lately, the best I’ve been doing is a salad here and there.

When I was cooking, I planned meals better, the kitchen was cleaned up (so it would be easier to cook next time), I was eating lots of ultra-tasty meals, and, overall, my life was more organized.  (It seems that being more organized in one area of your life makes you more organized in other areas of your life.)

I’ve realized that providing the New P with the tools she needs to become strong enough to overtake the Old P and fire the CEO is essential to my health and well being.

So, I am going to work very hard to provide those tools like:

  • Regular grocery shopping;
  • Wash and cut-up lots of veggies at the same time so the using them will be convenient;
  • Review the old recipes on this blog for ease of meal planning;
  • Plan snacks – even when I’m on the road.

THIS IS NOT HARD - I just need to get my mind back into the game once and for all.  Here’s to good cookin’ and to  good eatin’ !!!!!





The Battle of Old P vs. New P – Is Cooking the Key? — 2 Comments

  1. Get back in the game, P….. I’m running (walking) my first 10K this Friday. Wish you were here to do it with me. I know you could keep me motivated and going… that CEO!

  2. D told me about the 10K you are doing! I DO wish I could be there to do it together – like old time – the 5K’s in G’ville… At least D and Mom will be there.

    I am trying to fire the CEO, but now she wants a severance package …..

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