P’s July 4, 5 and 6 Journal – Some Things in Life Are Hard – This Plan is Not One of Them


Some things in life are hard, like losing a beloved pet.  We lost our Xolo to a tumor that had gone into her spine causing paralysis.  Though sometimes a trouble maker (see post: Tri-Tip Falls Prey to Xolo), we loved her dearly and she added spice to our life in may ways for many years (she was 13).  We have three other dogs, all of whom are special (as are most dogs), but the Xolo was one of those extra special dogs.  Her name was Pelona and, the only comforting thing is that she had a good life and was not in pain at the end.

She passed on Thursday and, needless to say, we were not in too much of a mood to celebrate the 4th of July.

Her passing did remind me that, while some things in life are hard, like losing a beloved pet, some things in life are not hard – like this Plan.

Her passing also reminded me that every life always feels too short and it triggered in me a desire to stop whining and get back in line with this Plan in order to achieve maximum health.   The addition of random refined sugars and processed carbs back into my life has not only brought with it a host of old aches and pains, but I realized that I am very short with people and extremely impatient.  This trait had noticeably diminished when I was true to the Plan.

D and I have discussed how the elimination of sugars and processed carbs from your diet makes you able to take what life throws at you more in stride – like when she lost  power, but had a deadline to meet.  D had commented to me that the Old D would have let the situation get the best of her and she would have felt all “stressed out”.  But, instead, she simply found a place that had power to do her work.

In my last post, I said I was afraid of stepping on the scale.  Well, I finally got on the scale Thursday a.m. – 154.4 – YIKES!  I knew I was gaining back, but I did not want to see how much – now I know why!  Saturday, I also weighed and it was 152.2.  That means I have gained back 20 pounds since the Wedding, where I had made it down to 132.  Wow is right – Wow in a bad way!  It is frightening how quickly the pounds pile up when you do not pay attention to what you eat.

So, the New P has now taken back over the reigns and was photographing and “cookin’ up a storm” (as husband B said to me last night), and I am feeling better for it after just these few days – less bloated.  My aches and pains are not yet gone, but it’s been only 3 days since I legitimately again cut the sugar and carbs – except for a few summer fruits here and there :-)

I am also going to the once-per-week weigh-in like we did when we first started this Plan – daily is too much for me since I did not even own a scale prior to the Wedding.

So, here is what I ate:

Friday – July 4

We had lots of left over sausage a biscuits from a breakfast meeting we had hosted at the office.  We had so many biscuits left over that I was eating them for at least two meals a day since Tuesday (this should be a True Confession!).  But, Friday a.m., I made some packaged sausage gravy (not a terrific choice – but not too many carbs).  B cut up some of the sausage into the gravy.  It turned out pretty tasty and while B enjoyed old-fashioned “biscuits and gravy”, I had some gravy over a couple of sausage patties and it was very enjoyable – Who needs biscuits????  (Keep repeating – processed flour is NOT food!)


Snack was a celery stick dipped in Big Blue Blue Cheese Dressing - this is becoming a favorite easy, good, refreshing, crispy snack….


Here is my 4th of July spread:  Grilled burgers with cheddar cheese; faux potato salad – D posted a recipe, but after reviewing her recipe, I decided to make my regular potato salad using steam cauliflower instead of potatoes and it was really good -thanks D for the great idea!), corn on the cob and watermelon balls….


Here is my plate – oh yes – with Modelo Especial beer…..


Saturday, July 5:

The guts of left-over restaurant quiche – it came out of the crust really easily after being heated up:


Faux potatoes’ salad:


Snack of celery and blue cheese dressing – no pic.

Dinner of Tri-Tip Stroganoff – great as usual!



Atkins snacks are really tasty….


Sunday, July 6:

Sunday “brunch” – left-over restaurant quiche and homemade whipped cream sweetened with Xylitol with fresh strawberries and a couple of bananas


I had my quiche scrapped out of the crust:  – Crust to the left, tasty quiche guts to the right…



Snacks of nuts and celery stick with blue cheese dressing (no pics)

Dinner was Amazing Monday Night Meal  (chicken covered in caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, and two-ingredient parmesan cream sauce), faux potato salad and a Modelo Especial.


Signing off……


P’s July 4, 5 and 6 Journal – Some Things in Life Are Hard – This Plan is Not One of Them — 1 Comment

  1. So sorry about the loss of your special dog….. she was a beauty in her own special way….. I’m glad you are feeling better about sticking to the plan and I do believe you committed to do a 10K with D & me next 4th of July here in the sunny south. That event will come! Keep on hangin’ in there and we’ll be thinking of you! Stay strong!

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