P’s Monday, July 7 Meals

I easily stuck to the Plan today.  I also did pushup practice in order to re-implement an earlier “what would happen if …”, which was…. What Would Happen If I Trained To Do 100 Pushups?  I did not realize that the “what… if” was from a whole year ago!  And, if I had actually stuck with it a year ago – today I’d be strong, I’d have nicely shaped arms, and I’d be able to do 100 pushups!  See – time flies – better do the right thing today!


Breakfast was a roll of 1 slice bologna and 1 slice of cheddar cheese – the bologna was Oscar Mayer – I did not like it at all – the texture was rubbery and it was too salty.  I guess there is a big difference between cheap bologna and the good stuff – like Boars Head – who knew?

I then had some left over faux potato salad – it was a bit watery, but I added a spoon of Miracle Whip and it spunked it right up – I am really liking this faux potato salad – and it is really nutritious given that it uses cauliflower! (Almost forgot the picture)


Lunch was left over tri-tip stroganoff – no picture.

Snack was an Atkins bar and coffee:


Snacks were 6 cherries, 2-spoonfulls of leftover strawberries/bananas/cream, two celery sticks with Big Blue – blue cheese dressing.

We worked late and I did not feel like a meal when I got home, so I made a strawberry yogurt protein shake - it was nice and refreshing on a warm summer night:




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