P’s Week in Review – Tues – Friday (July 8-11)

Another week gone in lightning speed!

It was a pretty good week Plan wise, despite the extremely heavy work load – and, I got in five sets of knee – pushups both on Tuesday (10-8-6-7-7) and Thursday (12-9-9-9-9).

We did start running out of “meal-type” food toward the end of the week and had to live on left-overs.  I definitely will be going grocery shopping this weekend, and will try to cook up some good stuff for this coming week.

I found a website called PaleoPot.com on a friend’s Facebook and it has some awesome (and easy) looking recipes that I will most definitely be trying! Given it’s Paleo, it is -of course – grain free!

I was only so-so on taking pictures, and here is a sampling of what I ate for the last four days:

Always a good choice of protein – hard boiled eggs (had two)




Super easy and super tasty Cheesy Italian Spaghetti Squash Casserole:


I really like the Atkins Bars, this was a coconut granola-like bar with a dark chocolate bottom:


Had dinner meeting at Applebee’s – ate the Blackened Blue Cheese Burger with side of steamed veggies:


Quick mid-morning snack: Chunks of Boar’s Head Ham and Havarti Cheese – Boar’s Head’s Havarti is especially smooth:




P’s Week in Review – Tues – Friday (July 8-11) — 2 Comments

  1. Good week, P. I’ll check out the paleopot website and the spaghetti squash recipe looks fantastic….. just need to convince myself to cook. Since hubby D does most of it, it is hard for me to get motivated… but I know he LOVES it when I do cook! Cooking needs to be a goal for K!
    Luv ya.

  2. Yes, cooking should be a goal – though you are lucky that hubby D does most of it! I used to not like it, but now I enjoy trying knew things. Plus, it keeps me on my feet an hour or more each day, which has to be doing some good – right?

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