P’s Saturday 7.12 Journal – Pushups and Planning are the Key to a Good Day

Today I controlled my food and activities really well.

I did my knee-style push-ups:

20, 10, 9, 7, 9.  In between pushup sets, I am doing the “superman” back-strengthening exercise and holding for a count of 30.

I then picked up one of our rescue dogs – a sweet girl named Lola, and went to a Doggie Street Fair where our Doberman Rescue group had a booth.  We also have 5 month old puppy in rescue that was so much fun to watch interact with all the activity and all the other dogs.

There were 4 of us volunteering and I offered to get the snacks since we were there from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  I went to a local grocery store deli and bought a pound of fresh chicken salad, a pound of fresh tuna salad, a pound of a nice broccoli crunch salad (that’s what the deli called it), a veggie tray, ready-to-eat snap peas, and a roasted red pepper cheese spread.   I also bought a packet of King Hawaiian mini-sub rolls for those who like their chicken or tuna on bread.

This particular grocery store had a killer olive bar, so I also got a pound of mixed kalamata and green olives with cubed feta cheese.

OK – in retrospect, this was way too much food for 4 people.  But, everyone enjoyed it, I had no trouble staying on plan, and I had leftovers for home!

So, the day was a complete success!  Back at home, tired and needing a short break, I enjoyed the cool early evening air on our deck and I polished off the remaining olive mix with a nice cold fizz water:


After my break, it was back in the kitchen where I threw together chicken tenders, mushrooms, onions, fresh garlic, Marsala wine and cream into a really nice chicken dish – recipe will be posted later:


I enjoyed this with a Modelo Especial!



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