P’s Sunday 7.13 and Monday 7.14 – Journal – Weighing too often – big mistake!

There’s only 8 weeks until the triathlon I signed up for and 11 weeks until the Boot Camp Challenge that I have to enter due to being on the committee.

Soooo, I decided I better start acting like I have a couple physical challenges coming up!

Sunday was good with both food and exercise.  I ran/jogged/walked 2 miles.  This needs to be a run for 3 miles by the time I get to the triathlon….

Monday I did pushups – knee style: 20, 15, 15, 12, 11.  In between the pushup sets, I did superman during three of the rest periods for 30 seconds each and then added elbow plank two times for 30 seconds.  The plank was really hard.  I need to be able to do it since I will be in a similar position when I do the “boy” style pushups.

Before jumping into the shower after doing my pushups, I was feeling light, so I took the scale out of its hiding place and stepped on it.  Only .4 pounds lighter than Friday.  I was actually bummed (after being in a good mood about my mini workout just minutes earlier) so this was a big mistake.  I actually felt fatter after seeing that my weight had not changed much.  Now, the logical side of my brain knows that weight is very relative at times and affected by a whole host of factors.  But, my emotional side won out and I could not shake the “fatter” feeling.

The good news is that I did not let it sabotage the entire day and later, when my arms were getting a little sore, I still felt good about doing the pushups-superman-plank routine in the morning.

As for food, Sunday I ate the following:

Strawberry yogurt protein drink:


1/2 Grapefruit sprinkled with Xylitol:


Plate of Tuna salad and broccoli salad – forgot to take picture.

Walnuts with afternoon coffee:


Snack waiting for dinner, and before cooking more stuff to have during the week – ditto from the Saturday night – olive feta mix.


Chicken Curry made up by Hubby B – it was really good (though looks similar to dog barf here). I’ll have to figure it out and post it because it was really good!


Monday food:

Breakfast was a strawberry yogurt protein drink.

Mid-morning snack was a scoop of tuna salad and a scoop of broccoli crunch salad left over from Saturday:


Lunch was taco meat on shredded romaine lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, with salsa and sour cream- forgot to take picture.

Snack of cashews with my coffee:


Snack 2 was an Atkins Bar – a really good coconut granola type with a chocolate bottom:


Dinner was left-over chicken marsala from Saturday night:


Snack while on the computer – celery stick with cream cheese and 1/2 grapefruit.  I had the munchies.



Oh yeah – I almost forgot – I had a Modelo Especial Monday night and probably Sunday as well – I just can’t remember…..



P’s Sunday 7.13 and Monday 7.14 – Journal – Weighing too often – big mistake! — 1 Comment

  1. P, I still weigh at the same time every day….. before hopping in shower. I think you weigh more if you weigh right after exercising which may be why you didn’t see the progress you expected. I think .4 is good, though, and no reason to get discouraged. Your dog barf comment made me laugh out loud!

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