P’s Sunday [8.10.14 ]Meals and Revisited Truths with Support

What do I mean by “revisited” truths?  And what support?

Here are the 3 revisited truths – plus some support in the form of others’ research and experiences:

  1. This plan is awesome and healthy - I just listened to a podcast on Robb Wolf’s site about how carbohydrates ruin your brain.  The podcast guest was the author of a book called Grain Brain.  Pretty interesting stuff – they advocate the Paleo way of eating.
  2. Sugar and grains are each a major inflammatory!  See below for another person’s attestation to that fact!  Like me, she felt achy, and exhausted all the time.  And, like the old her and me, I again feel horrible because of my regression back to sugar, carbs and processed foods – all achy and stiff – and completely without energy.  Plus, I was thinking I was pretty much over the menopausal hot-flashes and grumpiness, but those have returned with a vengeance – perhaps these symptoms are also caused by sugar and grains!  and, my skin looks bumpy and seems to have more wrinkles!  So, I know this plan works because, when I was being true to this plan (and myself) I virtually eliminated all these life-sucking feelings!
  3. The scale is evil and everyone should free themselves from scale jail -check out these two easy-to-read blog posts that provide very compelling reasons why we should NOT measure our attractiveness or progress with the scale: ATTENTION SCALE ADDICTS PART 1  and  PART 2.

Since I am having trouble staying on plan again, and I am mystified why I was so diligent last year, but not this year, I’m thinking I may need to kick the challenge up a notch.

D called today and was opining that maybe the trouble is that we are not learning anything new.  I think she may be on to something there.

So, I started doing more research into the Paleo lifestyle and found that it is very similar to what D and I have done here.

When researching going Paleo – I began reading that when you go Paleo, you should eliminate all dairy.  Yikes! What would I do without my heavy cream and coffee and my cheese?  I decided to see what Paleo expert,  Robb Wolf, had to say about it and found a great post on his blog about the “Seven Shades of Paleo.”  I like that Robb realizes that we all have to live our lives so he has very practical advice and information.  Turns out that I am probably the Fourth Shade of Paleo since I want to continue to use cream and cheese – NOTE: “low fat” dairy products are NOT Paleo or Primal – plus, they have no business in any healthy diet – removing the fat robs the food of many nutrients and robs the brain of the fat it needs!  This Fourth Shade of Paleo is called “Primal” – Hey – I kinda like the sound of being “primal” :-)  I also like that he has a Fifth Shade – which utilizes the 80/20 rule (a.k.a. the Pareto principle) that is applicable in so many of life’s situations – in this case in means be on the Paleo plan 80% of the time and the 20% of the time you slip up won’t have too much of a negative effect (traditionally, the 80/20 rule in business is that 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients).  So, my guess is that I will be something of a combination of the Fourth and Fifth Shade – and that’s good too!

Since I like how Robb views things, I bought his book: The 30-Day Paleo Transformation.   His book has success stories and I found it interesting that the following woman had aches and pains and was exhausted, just like me:

“Sarah Fragoso, strength coach, mother of three:   After my third son was born (yes, I have three boys…) I was overjoyed, but also fat and exhausted. I always had a lot of energy, even during my pregnancy, but had begun to notice toward the end of my pregnancy that I was tired above and beyond the norm. Furthermore, the swelling in my legs was extremely painful to the touch and would not go away. I felt trapped in my lethargic, overweight, unhappy body, and as wonderful as it was to have my new little one, I had zero energy for my other two.”

Impressively, after embracing the truth about what refined sugars and  grains does to a body, she is strong, healthy and energetic – and no more pain or swelling.  She now has a top rated blog – click here for Sarah Fragoso’s inspirational blog (I found the scale addict posts on her blog).

I’m liking the sound of “transforming”, so I’m excited to digest this book!   It has chapters about stress, sleep and exercise as well – could be just the ticket I need to continue on my quest to be Fit, Ageless and Awesome!

As for food today, I did very well!

Breakfast was homemade traditional Quiche Loraine:


Snack 1 was olives and feta mix from the deli at Sprouts:


Snack 2 was coffee and a handful of Planters healthy nut mix – peanuts, almonds and pistachios


Dinner was awesome!  Broiled salmon from B’s Alaska fishing trip and Fried Riced Cauliflower.  This tasted better than real fried rice!  I will have to post the easy recipe and links to others.

I heated some sesame oil in a pan, threw in some fresh mango salsa from the Albertson’s deli (mango, onion, red and green peppers, cilantro) I “riced” the cauliflower by whirring it in the food processer.  I added the cauliflower to the sautéing mango salsa on pretty high heat and also added some black pepper, and after about 7-8 minutes, I added 1 tsp fish sauce and then two whisked eggs and stirred in constantly until the egg was done.

I served it with hot sauce and soy sauce at the table.  It was pretty amazing!  So was the salmon!!!!!


POST POSTING SNACK:  Several spoonful’s of chili I made to take for lunch on Monday.


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  1. Good post P. Love the “riced” cauliflower idea…. will have to try….Very interesting about the paleo transformation…..sounds like a great book to read!

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