P’s Meals Monday [8.11.14] and Tuesday [8.12.14]

OK – I’ve succeeded for 3 days in a row eating the “Plan Way” and totally digging it!

B’s B-day was today and we went out to eat – I had no trouble what-so-ever skipping the soft, warm bread, or the dessert – I wish I could package the positive outlook I had today and then save it for a day that I am struggling – if I could, I’d be a millionaire!


Homemade Quiche Loraine:


This is chili – NOT peanut butter (I really need to get another camera besides my phone!)


Dinner was fresh caught Bluefin tuna – a friend went fishing in Mexico about the same time B went fishing in Alaska – we have so much great fish that we could open a fish shop!

B rolled the tuna in crunched up macadamias and a little flour and then pan fried – he made mango-chili pepper cream sauce and we had steamed broccoli with cheese sauce on the side – It was so excellent that I almost forgot to take a picture, so here it is half eaten:



Last piece of Quiche Loraine – need to make another since it is about as perfect of a breakfast you could have!


Lunch – fresh romaine, mini bell peppers, shrooms, sweet onion, pepitas, and Light House Cilantro dressing, plus a cup of chili:


B-day dinner with B at Outback – I ordered a bone-in rib eye and steamed broccoli – got to take 1/2 the steak home.  Not shown is the mixed green salad with blue cheese dressing.  Since it was B’s B-day – I had a celebratory Stella:





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