P’s Meals Wednesday [8.13.14] – Sliding through Today with Ease – at Least as Related to The Plan!

Today brought extreme hecticness (I’m not sure this a word – but very descriptive) from clients in every direction.  It started with the usual Wednesday meeting I have with one client’s executives.  But, the good new is that I was able to not eat the off-plan snacks I buy for the meeting.  I made sure I had food from The Plan, like deli turkey that we rolled up and served with cheese slices and mustard.  I skipped the crackers (though they were gluten free) and used celery for the ever popular Pub Cheese.  For lunch between calls, I ate the same salad as yesterday – but did not eat chili.  Luckily I chopped up double the stuff I needed yesterday and stored it in a baggy so it would be on the ready for today.  For a snack I ate a handful of peanuts with my coffee while reviewing a contract.

Finally, the phones stopped ringing and we were able to leave at a decent hour to get home to make dinner.

And, dinner turned out great!  I put left over fried “riced” cauliflower in a hot pan with coconut oil.  Then, I added cut up cooked salmon and tuna.  I had a piece of each left from the last couple of nights.

I then added 1/3 can unsweetened coconut milk and a couple tablespoons of yellow curry powder – it was REALLY good.

Here is a picture, but I promise – it tasted a lot better than it looks:


I’m about to hit the sack, but I am waiting for the quiche I threw together to finish baking.  Though I was pretty burned out from today, I forced myself to make it because I know I will be thankful tomorrow that I did!



P’s Meals Wednesday [8.13.14] – Sliding through Today with Ease – at Least as Related to The Plan! — 1 Comment

  1. Great post, P…… your “rice” dish sounds great and I’m proud of you for cooking and planning quiche for the next day even though you were probably tired from your busy day…..

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