Has it Really Been A Year Since “The Wedding”? P’s Going Back to the Starting Line

I can’t believe that it’s been exactly one year since “The Wedding” that was the catalyst for this entire blog.  And, though I had lost 24.6 pounds by “The Wedding”, I now hover around a weight loss of only 8 to 10 pounds, which totally bums me out!

So, I decided to view the post I did the day I weighed in for The Wedding and I ended that post with:

“In summary – we are so very happy and grateful that D came up with our initial “What If” and that we have each other and this blog to help propel us from Fat, Fifty and Fed Up to Active, Ageless, and Awesome!  Stay tuned for Part 2 of our transformation……….”

While we were back east for The Wedding, we went shopping and I bought a few really cute suits – well, none of those fit right now….  Plus, I bought some smokin’ hot red shoes that weekend, but can’t see myself strutting around in them at this weight.


What happened to “Part 2″ that I promised myself?

Also, the other day my husband asked, “So, you don’t take pictures of your food anymore?”  Translation: “You were losing weight when you were taking pictures of your food, maybe you should do that again!”

This past week, I’ve had pizza twice, an Italian sub, donuts twice, beer three times, French fries, fish tacos, and a bagel (so what if we were busy, had a friend from out-of-town, and had two events?).  This is EXACTLY how I ate BTP (Before The Plan) and this is exactly why, a year after The Wedding, I’ve gained 14 pounds back…..and have achy hands, headaches and, yes, tonight, even heartburn!

I want to feel that happiness and gratefulness that I felt the weekend of The Wedding when I truly felt Active, Ageless, and Awesome.

I want to feel that way again by the New Year by being down 25 pounds from when we started this blog…..

So, it’s time, it’s time, it’s time – to go back to Starting Line!


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