P’s Tuesday (9/30) and Wednesday (10/1) Meals

Day 2 and 3 toward the NEW YEAR’s goal went well, except for the couple of Heineken’s I had at a political fundraiser a client of mind hosted at his and his wife’s gorgeous home!   I probably should have stopped at 1!  But, I did avoid the crackers, chocolate and other tempting tasty tidbits that were there – so, all-in-all not a bad two days:


Chicken Salad from Ralph’s deli


Left over P’s Crack Slaw:


Handful of Trader Joe’s mixed nuts:


Dinner was at the fund raiser – during the cocktail hour, I has 1 piece of cheese as a couple mixed nuts.  Dinner was a ribeye steak and a very little spoonful of baked beans – they had baked diced potatoes, of which I had 4 little pieces to make my plate not look too empty.  The steak was fantastic!


I got up at 4:15 because of so much work.  For breakfast I ate chicken salad:


Then I had a client meeting at 8:00 a.m.  One of them brought a bag of various Jack-in-the-Box breakfast items.  Since it had been almost 3 hours since I ate the chicken salad, I ate the guts of a meat-lover burrito.  It was actually pretty good for fast food!  It had quite of bit of egg in it even after throwing away the flour tortilla!  But, I forgot to take a picture.

Later, I ate some Oriental Salad - again, no picture :-(

I had to teach class that night and then had a board meeting – for dinner, I ordered a chef salad with ranch dressing.

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