P’s Meals Friday 10/10 – One Day at A Time

Yes, I know – this is a familiar theme – but, one more good day is under my belt and I am determined to keep all days this good.

What prompted me to get back on track?  First, the scale showing 150 helped me there – I cannot keep going up in weight.

Then, B and I cleaned up the kitchen as much as we could after work, so I can start cooking again.  Cooking is my key to success and I will just have to make a better effort in keeping it up while “Project Kitchen Remodel” continues.  It will be challenging because our cabinets aren’t showing up until November!!  As they say – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!  Actually, this applies to weight loss as well!  Be patient and that day will come!

I did much better at photographing my food – I only missed one!

Rolled up deli meet with mustard:


Snack of mixed nuts with dark chocolate nubs (Trader Joe’s – that’s all we had at the office – need to get healthier mix of nuts):


Salad with Romaine, chopped up chicken breast, hard boiled egg, snow peas and Cilantro Ranch Dressing (Litehouse brand) – forgot to take picture.

Dinner – back to cooking – grilled burger and a brat (plus a Stella Beer):


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