P’s Meals – Saturday 10/4 to Thursday 10/9 – Bad Choices All Week

One thing is for sure – I am a pro at making excuses as to why I eat poorly.  After such a good week last week, I strayed off the path of healthy eating – main excuse – “Project Kitchen Remodel” – and “busy week – lots of appointments”…..


Bacon and eggs:


Then we went to a fund raiser for a local Rotary Club- it was an “Oktober Fiesta” with brats, beer, tacos and tequila, plus really good live entertainment:


There, I first ate a brat without a bun with a beer:


The rest of the day was not so good – one more beer and three street tacos – which I did not photograph.

Then, at home that night – I ate taco salad – I was not even very hungry so I should have skipped it:


On Sunday B and I started to get serious about demoing out the Kitchen:

Kitchen after just top cabinets removed (done a few weeks ago):


Kitchen after one day of major demo – Sunday 10/5 – it stayed this way during the entire week:


Happy to see ugly counter tops in dumpster :-)

Just because I could not cook, I somehow lost all interest in fixing fresh food, such as salads, at home.  It was not the kitchen’s fault – I have plenty of space and table top in the adjoining room where the fridge now sits.  Then, not having good fresh home-cooked food prompted me to eat bad stuff (plus, having lots of appointments out of the office did not help).  So, I ended up eating stuff like:

Fired chicken, fast-food burger (with bun), pre-made popcorn on 3 occasions, fast-food small milkshake on 2 occasions, hummus with pita, Thai panang curry (very good) – not so bad, except I ate the rice too (2 occasions – once the first night we got it and then the next night for left overs); and even a toasted cheese sandwich with tomato soup at a meeting at CoCo’s Thursday night – wow – was this self-sabotage or what???

To make matters worse – none of the bad stuff tasted that good once I was eating it!  Except for the panang curry – it had very fresh veggies and a great spicy sauce.  But, that would have been an “on-plan” meal had I not eaten the rice!

Here are the very few pictures that I did take throughout the week:




All was not lost – we did have a nice sunset one of the nights……


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