P’s 10/19/14 Food, Exercise and Weigh-In

I made it through the first day of my Desperate Action Challenge to myself.

I had 3 Strawberry Yogurt Protein Shakes - using honey instead of Truvia.

I did 15 minutes of intense weights – (1) Cable Crunches; (2) back extensions; (3) bench presses; (4) flies; (5) push-ups; (6) lunges.

Then 10-15 minutes of relaxing swimming.  There are schools of thought that you can get as much benefit from intense, shorter duration exercise 3 x’s per week than long sessions.  I am trying this out.

So, this morning on 10/20, after one day, I weigh 148.9.   That’s over 3 pounds in one day – yes, some weight loss may be water-weight.  But, if the scale continues down, then it will prove to be real weight loss.

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