P’s 10/20/14 Report on “Desparate Measures” Challenge – Scale Shows 1 More Pound Gone

I made it through day #2 yesterday.  I’m not feeling exceptionally energetic, but then again, I feel less bloated.  Plus, I am down to 147.9.

I’ve had a nagging headache since Sunday morning, it came on before I started this.  Maybe my caffeine intake is off……

Last night it occurred to me that I could use the crock pot to cook stuff that I would normally cook on the stove top.  I browned ground beef and onions in the crock pot on high before adding tomato sauce and chili spices to it to make a crock of chili.  Husband B enjoyed it, and the fact that I can cook during the kitchen make-over made me decide that I would end this Challenge.

Here are meat and onions browning in the crock pot on a fold-out table in our living room (note plastic covering the entry on the left-hand side of the photo):


Though last night I had decided to abandon this Challenge, this morning I decided to do it day-by-day.  I think restricting the variety of food, and reducing the volume of consumption, is exactly what I needed to get me on track and enjoying The Plan again.

So, I will l keep with the Challenge today and see how I feel tomorrow.  As I said, I will take this day-by-day!

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