P’s – Days Lasted on “Desparate Measure” Challenge – 2.5

Self awareness is always a good thing – right?

I became self-aware that I am NOT good with highly restrictive diets.  Duh!  That’s why this Plan worked so well for me.

After another 1/2 day of a nagging headache (I have absolutely NO evidence that the headache was due to what I was eating – or not eating), plus mild heartburn (that definitely has to do with what I eat) , I decided to ditch this “cleanse” and eat real food:


El Pollo Loco chicken and a salad of fresh Romaine, carrots, walnuts and Litehouse Big Bleu Dressing – It was terrific!

It’s amazing what boost a couple of couple of days of not-so-severe deprivation did to my attitude towards the on-Plan foods – now I really appreciate all that I CAN eat on this Plan!


P’s – Days Lasted on “Desparate Measure” Challenge – 2.5 — 1 Comment

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