P’s Thankful Thanksgiving 2014

Hello Blog-

I haven’t written for a while because of various excuses – the most significant being that I am just not treating my body right.  I’ve been doing no exercise whatsoever, and I have been eating anything and everything that has grains or processed sugar.  It’s almost as if I am daring myself to see how bad I can make myself feel!

But, I realized that I have so much to be thankful for in my life right now – and so much to look forward to.   B and I have relaxed for a full two days over this Thanksgiving and reflected on what we have – this house, our work, our plans, and our future.  We’ve realized that we are free to live our lives anyway we want instead of molding ourselves to what we think others think we should be doing.  So, we’ve made a pact to do just that – together we’ll decide what we want and how we’ll live and it doesn’t matter what others think (or, probably more accurately, what we think others think!)  We are both looking forward to what 2015 will bring us – after all, it will be our 30th year of being married!!

I even ventured out early today for the fist time in my life on a Black Friday.  Not being one to like random shopping anyway, I have always avoided this shopping day – why add to the hassle with throngs of people?  But, I figured that most shopping-crazies went out yesterday at 5 or 6 p.m. since so many stores started their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving.

And, my plan worked.  The throngs were not out at 8:00 a.m. this morning, and, yes, I got a killer deal on a beautiful Cal. King comforter set – $300 down to $70.  But, unfortunately, since I have gained about 20 pounds back (yes, you heard right – 20 pounds gained back in the last year), I also had to hunt for a formal dress for a holiday party we have to go to next Saturday night.   Not wanting to spend big bucks on a “fat” dress, I hunted for a good deal and found a cute black and red lace dress and a pretty red silk bolero jacket.  I think I’ll enjoy wearing this even in my porky state.

Also, I decided to stop beating myself up and eat, drink and be merry this Thanksgiving. Strangely, by deciding not to beat myself up like I usually do for overindulging on the one holiday weekend designed to make us overindulge, I am finding a renewed fortitude to get back on this plan.

I feel I can take it one day at a time like when we first started this blog.  I am not going to focus on trying to lose weight by this date or that date and have reminded myself that, though I won’t be thin this holiday season, I know that if I eat right most of the time, I will feel great and have the energy to enjoy the Season to the max!

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