P’s Friday Weigh Day 1.9.2015

Wow – we are rapidly approaching the two-year mark for when D and I started this blog.

There have been great days – like “The Wedding” when I had lost 24 pounds, and most definitely not great days – like stepping on the scale on Dec. 26, 2014 and finding I had gained it all back – to the exact same weight I started with 156.6.  And I had many days in between, some good, some great, some bad and many frustrating!!

Since stepping on the scale two weeks ago, I have been faithful to this plan again.  I really wish I could know why it is that I can be so true to it for certain lengths of time and then completely fall off the wagon for many months.

I have also joined a great gym near my office and have gone two times this week – I am posting my gym visits on FaceBook since public exposure is always a good way to keep a person accountable :-)

So, since I became true again two weeks ago, I have lost 5.4 pounds and am now 151.2 lbs.

I am disappointed with myself for abandoning this plan for so long, and mostly for my on-again-off-again attitude and posting of numerous promises to get back at it, but then not keeping my promise.

This time, I did not post a promise to recommit – I decided that actions do speak louder than words, so here I am – taking action!!


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