P’s meals and workouts update 2.28.15

We’re coming up on the 2nd year anniversary of starting this blog and, unfortunately, I still don’t have my health life dialed in with any consistency.  The good news is that I am seriously working out this year – so far 17 hard strength/conditioning classes I do at my new gym.  I finally joined a smaller gym – I got sick of the LA Fitness/24 Hour Fitness scene.  It’s very near my office, so I have been going before work.  Begrudgingly I’ve realized that this is the only way I am going to be able to fit in exercise.

I really do love the classes – though they are hard, I love the variety and challenge.  I post each workout on FaceBook and plan on doing so until I hit 100 workouts!

The bad news is that I have had very terrible eating habits over the last year – no particular reason – I’ve just lost focus.  I still continue to do research and it ALL points to this being a good plan.  But, I’ve been very true to the plan the last few days and plan on keeping with it.  Food for Thursday, Friday, Saturday was as follows:


Cheese, sandwich peperoni (Boars Head of Course) and Boars Head buffalo chicken – really a good flavor!


Taco Salad and a Stella – I did not get home until almost 10p.m., and I was proud of myself for cooking up some taco meat anyway and not eating something unhealthy:



Same morning meal, so I used the same picture


Taco Salad for lunch – added green ripe olives:


Snack of carrots and snow peas and a Stella:


Dinner was a burger and a small red potato with butter and sour cream (I’ll write more on potatoes later)



Still eating left over taco meat – good thing I love it! (Then again, I do love reasons to use sour cream :-)  )


Snack of veggies and a scoop of onion dip (made with Daisy sour cream and Lipton Onion Soup Mix)


Dinner was sautéed mixed kielbasa sausage and hot smoked sausage and red and orange bell peppers and onions simmered in beer and wine.  Made this for the family when I was visiting last week and they loved it.  I’ll post the recipe soon.



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