P’s Big Lesson – TRUTH

Hello World:

I have not written lately because I’ve really been struggling with eating healthy.  Despite D’s and my success March-Sept. 2013, my mental demons are still alive and well.

What I mean by that is I still (apparently) harbor deep beliefs, or maybe I should call then “wants” – all of which have undermined my work toward being Active, Ageless and Awesome.  So, here are the “beliefs” I’ve been harboring plus the lessons of truth I am finally learning:

The Belief: Once thin, you can skip the exercise and eat what you want: The Proof of My Belief: I started eating more and more often “the old P” way once I lost the 24 pounds and I did not bother exercising.  The Truth:  Healthy people with good muscle and physiques EAT WELL and EXERCISE regularly

The Belief: I can again achieve weight loss goals by following “a modified version” of this Plan.  The Proof of My Belief: I started adding food products that various Paleo-style nutritionists say you may need to keep energy levels up while exercising – like white rice, more fruit and potatoes.  The Truth: I CAN’T ADD STUFF.  Man, I’ve got to be asking myself WHY DO I EVEN WANT TO ADD STUFF?  This Plan worked and was not hard to follow!

The Belief: I can “accept” my body being fat as long as I am healthy – lots of happy, successful people accept that they are fat!  The Proof of My Belief: I’m still fat.  The Truth:  I CAN’T be happy being fat – even if I was otherwise as strong and healthy as a horse!

So, here’s to killing the demons and following the TRUTHS that this Plan has proven!

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