P’s – TIME TO REWIND – Why Get Healthy?

Why get healthy?  See below – I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Oh yeah, I did say it myself – two years ago when we started this blog!  It is 100% spot-on still today.  Except, I got a small taste of what it would be like to achieve these things at the “Wedding” (and a little before and a little after) when I was down to a size 6 and EVERYTHING seemed to look cute that I tried on at the store and ALL my clothes fit.  I also remember that, during this very short period of time, I did not obsess on what it would be like if I trimmed down.  The only component missing was the exercise….

So, TIME TO REWIND… here’s me today – the same as I was exactly two years ago (including gaining 21 pounds in a short period of time – this time in18 months):

p’s What being healthy would mean to me [from March 14, 2013]

I’m over fifty, have my dream career, am blessed with a terrific husband, family, and friends, and live in a great place and am over-all pretty healthy.  But, it seems that no matter what I am doing – giving a presentation, taking a client to lunch, socializing – there sits a large shadow in the back of my mind…. the knowledge that I have a severe case of the FLABS.  In the last two years, my FLAB has invited along more of its good friend POUNDAGE – 21 to be exact – Wow – 21 pounds in two years!  This makes me about 30 pounds overweight (since I generally have about 9 or 10 who maintain permanent residency on my bod).

I love learning about exercise and nutrition, and just a little over three years ago, when I was 48, I did my first sprint triathlon after being a semi-pro couch potato my entire adult life.  Yeah, I know a lot about nutrition and exercise – my problem seems to be following what I know.  So why can’t I follow what I know?  Most people would send me to a shrink to figure that out.  But, no offense to the profession and those that are healed by it, I do not believe in shrinks.  I believe that that the healing power of shrinks lies in the process of verbalizing your thoughts and feelings and engaging in a strong dose of self-examination – this can be done with anyone you trust.  In my case, it will be my big sis.  Why?  Because she is confident, driven and successful in her own career as I am, and owns her own business as I do, and she also thinks that her weight is really holding her back from enjoying her life and moving even farther in her career.

The first thing we are to explore is how would losing the weight affect our lives – her are my thoughts in no particular order:

  • always look smashing giving presentations and meeting new clients
  • enhanced personal relationships on every level
  • wear really cutes suits
  • look great in jeans and boots
  • wear cute sundresses (never even owned one)
  • never dread a pool party
  • feel spunkier
  • 100% concentration on what I am doing (instead of worrying how I look)
  • wake up each morning looking forward to the day
  • less aches
  • less headaches
  • hike without huffing
  • the right to feel SMUG

Fast forward to today – I have one to add:  Get my Bora Bora Body! 

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