Hello Blog – lessons learned since I’ve been gone

I was inspired to come back to the blog by an email I received last night from P. After becoming “bored” with posting (my word but really, is “lazy” a better word?), I’ve been thinking and reevaluating this morning. Since the wedding that first served as our weight loss goal, many things have changed about my approach to eating. I’ve learned a ton, and still continue to be very interested in all things nutrition.

Significant changes that have stuck since starting the Plan.

  • I stayed with eating meat (was basically a vegetarian before the Plan).
  • I’ve recognized and accepted it is an ongoing challenge to avoid all sugars. I must check all labels all the time. As far as eating anything not made at home, well… it’s most likely going to have sugar in one of the ingredients.
  • I have eliminated most processed foods including oils from my diet. A difficult life change for me as I am a salad dressing junkie. I have finally perfected a simple home-made salad dressing that I do not tire of. Recipe to come in a future post.
  • I have isolated the triggers to my Rosacea to cheese and wine so the dairy products are watched, very limited amounts are allowed.
  • Wine – I think is the biggest source of sugar for me these days. I have cut it down to two or three evenings a week vs a glass or two every night. I’m working to eliminate it completely except for a Friday night treat.

So most days, my daily foods consists of fish, organic/grass fed meats (chicken, turkey mostly, some pork and beef), eggs, healthy oils (coconut, olive, butter), all veggies (except potatoes, limited corn), a serving a day of berries (or 1/2 apple or 1/2 banana), a serving a day of nuts. That’s basically it. When I stick to this, I feel the best physically and emotionally.

When I stick to this… that’s the hard part. Since the wedding weigh in, I’ve gained back 6 pounds. It came back after about a year and no matter what I do now, is NOT coming off. Recently as a recharge, I did the 10-day Detox diet. (To be fair to that diet, I did not give up coffee and I did not take the supplements which were very expensive). I lost 1/2 pound but five days later, that’s back so it probably was water weight.

So with such a healthy daily plan, you’d wonder why I haven’t been able to stay at the wedding goal weight. Well it’s because I cheat things in. Not every day but I think often enough to keep the craving sugar monster alive and well. A 1/2 cookie here, few pieces of candy there, an extra glass of wine…etc. And as long as the craving monster is alive, I will continue to cheat. So… it’s time to get to the bottom of this cheating. That will be my new goal – what am I doing to justify these treats to myself? And why do I need these treats?

Stay tuned…..


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