A Perfect Plan Day – Take Two

Last Monday I set out to have a perfect plan day. I took photos of what I was eating all day and planned on posting them on Tuesday. Well Monday night I got so sick! I think I picked up a bad stomach bug and it was rough! Well, after being up most of Monday night and not to be too gross, having most of my perfect day of eating end up coming back up well… Tuesday I sure didn’t feel like looking at the photos I took!

Actually I spent all day Tuesday in bed. I had a few saltines and half a banana, some lemonaide. That was all I could keep down.

The rest of the week, I ate very light but didn’t try to stay on the plan. Salads seemed rough on my stomach. I ate soup, crackers, very small salads. By Thursday late I was feeling much better. I’d gotten a bit behind on projects so didn’t have time to catch up on the blog.

So here we are Monday, my weight today is 149 and I am once again starting a perfect plan day. Look for pics tomorrow!

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