New habits – breakfasts

I thought I would spend some time posting in more detail about some of the ways my eating habits have changed since P and I started the Plan. One of the biggest changes is breakfast. Before the Plan, a typical breakfast was coffee and either a muffin, organic pop tart, or toast with jam. And I was always starving by lunch time, not to mention a little heartburn too. I always thought it was the coffee giving me the heartburn but it was actually the overload of processed carbs and sugar every morning.

This was a difficult change for me – without processed carbs and sugar, what was I going to eat for breakfast?!? I was never a big egg and bacon person (way too fattening I had always believed). Over time, as I learned more about healthy eating habits and nutrition, I got over my fear of eggs and bacon. It was fun coming up with some new recipes for breakfast such as a bacon, lettuce and tomato bowl ā€“ basically a BLT without bread, just lightly stir up cooked bacon, lettuce and tomato pieces with some mayo and put it all in a bowl.

These days my breakfasts are either an egg or leftover meat from the night before scrambled up with whatever veggies I have in the fridge – onions, mushrooms, fresh spinach, etc. Sometimes I’ll add a little feta cheese, tomatoes and olives on top. Or stir in some tamari sauce, garlic powder and add a dollop of sour cream on top. The fun thing is that I don’t think any two of my breakfasts are ever quite alike! And the best things are no heartburn and I don’t get hungry until lunch time.

Here’s a pic of yesterday’s breakfast. I didn’t have time to cook a scramble so I simply made an “unsandwich” of deli ham, tomatoes, green olives, mustard, mayo and romaine lettuce leaves for the “bread.” Very filling and delicious.



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