New habits – no heartburn… ever!

Before starting the Plan a few years ago, I had taken to popping an antacid most evenings after getting heartburn before bed. I tried to avoid what I thought was causing it – onions, spicy foods, overeating. So imagine my surprise when a few weeks into the Plan, all heartburn completely disappeared, even though I was spicing up my meals with hot pepper and eating lots of onions. After some research, I learned that heartburn is caused by excessive amounts of carbohydrates (sugars and starches)! Wow, so that morning muffin and my bland vegetarian rice and bean dinners were the causes. After cutting out processed foods and sugars (except for an occasional treat), the heartburn is gone… Last week after being really sick to my stomach, I ate crackers, potato chips, even ice cream for several days in a row – and guess what? Yep, heartburn came back!


New habits – no heartburn… ever! — 1 Comment

  1. Hi D, you are sooooo right about the heartburn! I too was sick last week, on top of having an emergency root canal! Ate soft “comfort” stuff – like rice, mac&cheese, etc. Hello heartburn!

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