P’s Competing Habits to Achieve the New “Normal” Me

That’s right – I am struggling right now with competing habits!  The Old P’s habits – eating poorly and with wild abandonment, exercising sporadically at best, developed over the last 30 years.  Two years ago when we started this blog, the New P emerged and for 9 months the New P kicked ass and developed great, healthy eating habits and began really enjoying cooking to help that endeavor.  A new, new P came out earlier this year and is dedicated to making a habit out of exercise (I’ll call her “EP” for “Exercise” P) and has managed to do 20 hard-core exercise sessions this year – not as good as EP would like, but better than any of the past 20 years!

So now, each of these three P’s – Old P, New P and EP reside in my one body and brain and each are fighting to feel like the “Normal” P!  I even now have wardrobes for each of these P’s. The strange thing is that, though each state is familiar to me, none feel like the “normal” me.  I think the key to knowing that you’ve successfully created a REAL habit is when doing it feels “normal” to you.

Some good things are developing within my brain as I establish the Normal P – when I am acting as the old P, I am conscientiously doing do, sad as it may seem to intentionally eat poorly and not exercise.  But, since I am now familiar with both the New P and EP, it doesn’t take too much to flip the switch from the Old P to one, or both, of these versions of me.

The goal now is to flip that switch to the New P and EP more than 80% of the time for long periods of time.  Once I do that, I am convinced that the New P and EP will be the “Normal” P and I will be living my dream of being Active, Ageless and Awesome!

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