P’s thoughts on Being Perfect

Ok – so I have been feeling bad the last couple years that I’ve had so much trouble staying on plan.  I know it is the best, easiest, most diverse plan to be on and I still find myself touting its virtues.  Yet, when I am touting, I feel like a sham (and am ashamed) because I have slid so far back into the Old P.

I’ve not been perfect and it really bothers me!

Despite feeling down, I was researching soups in an effort to bring more tasty recipes into my life and I ran across this blog by Kyndra Holley.  She even got a book deal based on her success with the paleo/primal/low carb eating style, yet confessed this August about not being perfect.  She gained her weight back in a relatively short period of time due to work and life pressures that she allowed to steal her focus from the healthy lifestyle she promotes.

Her point that no one is perfect really hit home and it is great to know I am not alone out there with the ups and downs of trying to live well!

Here’s her post about starting over.

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