P’s Meals: Saturday 11/28 and Sunday 11/29/15

I took photos, but I seem to have deleted some of them due to clearing memory off my cell phone!


Cukes and blue cheese for dippin’, plus olives and feta from the Deli at Sprouts:


Later I had cheese and a handful of Jilz crackers.

I made a pot of homemade cream of mushroom soup since it was a cold afternoon, then took Tigger the Doberman for a 3-mile walk.

I baked pork chops for dinner with a side of sautéed green beans, red peppers, onions and pepperoni.  A very good dinner!


I got up with a leisurely cup of coffee and then headed out for a three-mile hilly trail hike.

First meal was a bowl of taco meat with shredded cheese and sour cream.

Then I went to evaluate three Dobies at a local shelter to see if a Dobie rescue wants to take them in.  All three were nice dogs so I am hopeful that they can find homes.

Snack on-the-go was a plate of Jilz crackers with peanut butter:


Later I had nuts with coffee:


For dinner I sautéed onions with Hillshire Farm kielbasa and hot sausage, and added red and green peppers, and then simmered in beer until the beer cooked down – ate two bowls because I love this stuff!


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