A Real Pizza PIE

Pizza is one of my all-time favorite things – especially when it has become the end-of-week ritual with a nice cold beer. We’ve tried to make pizza with alternative crusts, like cauliflower crust, and, while it kinda works, there is the cauliflower taste and it takes a relatively long time to prepare.So, I was wondering if you can just make the pizza like a pizza, but without any crust at all – and voilà a real pizza PIE!  (One peperoni and one hot Italian sausage).



  1. For both I sautéed a bunch of sliced crimini mushrooms, let them cool and the layer at the bottom of the pie pan, which I had greased with butter.
  2. While the shrooms were sautéing, I cut the Italian sausage into discs and browned them.
  3. I layered the sausage discs on the mushrooms on the sausage pizza.
  4. Then I layered in pizza sauce in both pans and spread it evenly over the mushrooms (and mushrooms/sausage).
  5. It seems I am rarely satisfied with pizza sauce at restaurants since it is generally bland.  So, I sprinkled the pizza sauce with black pepper and garlic powder.
  6. Then I layered on shredded mozzerella cheese, then added pepperonis to the non-sausage one and added sliced green ripe olives to both.
  7. Baked for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees – and they were awesome.  Can’t eat with your hands, but they actually scooped out well with a spatula.


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