Back to the Starting Line – Time to Experiment

Back to the starting line – literally.  I weighed myself this a.m. and am back to 156.  To make matters worse, I have all the other I’m-too-fat symptoms:  really achy joints, heartburn (burned through 1 large bottle of Tums this last month), tired, lousy sleep, irritable, miscellaneous aches and pains, MY CLOTHES DON’T FIT!

I’ve been eating lots or processed grains and sugar, including wheat, candy, pizza (including calzones Friday night), cheese cake, cookies, and I have NOT been eating my go-to feel-good staple – big salads with full-fat dressings, which I ate (and thoroughly enjoyed) almost daily when loosing this weight on this blog, let’s see – starting in 2013.  Holy crap has it been 5 years already???

I’ve been thinking a lot (make that non-stop) of why it is so hard to go back to what easily worked before – and I believe that’s why – it worked “before”.  I am a creature of change – I’m known to re-arrange the living room or my office just because. I love new clients, new cases, new business ventures, and New Year’s Day because each represents new beginnings, new challenges, new ways to improve, plus, importantly, the opportunity to make it better than before.

Even when starting a new “healthy living” strategy, I love the research, the planning, the preparation, and the enthusiasm I feel because it’s something new and challenging.  But, doing what I’ve done before doesn’t provide the same excitement.

So, how can I infuse that excitement into getting the weight off this go ‘round?  I have an idea.  I’ve developed what I am going to call the “Get-Healthy Sprint Plan”.  The term “sprint” when used in the business world means the short period of time to achieve a deliverable, process development, or project interim goal or milestone.

As applied to my Plan, it means the short period of time when you follow a specific unique weight-loss plan. For example, there are a million “diet” plans out there, from doctor managed liquid diets to low calorie to low carb.  The problem is that anyone who has had success on one, or maybe all, and who has reverted back to their old ways that got them into the fat-zone again, usually dreads going back to what worked for them before.  This is because each diet requires you to give up the types of food you traditionally have loved that got you into trouble. And most of us have lives where being stringent for long periods of time interferes with our happiness.  Plus, when we find ourselves in situations that are normal for just living our lives, like a business dinner, colleague happy hour or wedding, we fail to achieve perfection that one day and boom – we’ve been catapulted from the diet boat and we find ourselves really struggling to swim over and climb back on.

Also, there is so much contradictory information as to what’s bad and what’s good for us that even when we’re humming along successfully on a specific plan, we can’t control the questions harboring in the back of our minds, such as:

  • “Does it really hurt me to eat grains?”
  • “Can I really eat as much fat and butter as I wish?”
  • “Does my metabolism really get jacked up on a low-calorie diet?”
  • “Does it really come down to calories in and calories out”?
  • “Do juice fasts really cleanse?”
  • “Do my innards even need cleansing?”

Since no one can really answer these questions with anything close to 100% certainty, I’m going to experiment.  And that brings us back to my “Sprint” plan.  I am going start a new one-week “Sprint” diet-cycle each Sunday (starting with the liquid diet, since I’ve never done that before).  Then, for example, I’ll go to low carb, then low calorie, and then, perhaps, do a “juice fast”, then back to low carb, then to liquid, etc.  That way, I’m always starting a “new” plan.  Also, I never have to give up a specific food type for very long.  If, for example, I crave pasta or fruit while I’m low-carbing it, it would just be a matter of a week until I can re-introduce it into my diet under a low-calorie Sprint.  I’m also thinking this system can work well when looking at the week ahead and picking the specific Sprint diet plan that will mesh the best for upcoming life obligations.  I have no social or business events this upcoming week that involve food, so liquid Sprint it is!

For my liquid Sprint, I am going to drink smoothies made from high-quality protein power, with blended frozen fruit and almond milk.  For variety, I may add in a few servings of off-the-shelf juices or blended juices, like carrot juice or veggie-fruit juices.

And, before you think “Oh no, this first Sprint is not healthy”, just how healthy is it for me to carry around 30 extra pounds that were created by eating junk?  And, after all, it’s only a week!


Back to the Starting Line – Time to Experiment — 3 Comments

  1. Great idea. The first sprint sounds healthy to me. When I weighed this morning I weigh exactly what I did on January 1st of 2017. I’m not really happy with this as I feel flabbier and not as energetic. Now this was after a weekend of wedding fun…. but I need to eat healthy and get excited again about foods that are good for me! Good luck for your 2018. You can do it!

  2. Oh dear, I am the same boat! Way too much sugar, carbs, etc since Halloween. So for my “Sprint” I am going to concentrate on eating 4 smaller meals a day ensuring 2 are Power Foods very close to Dr. Phil’s 20/20 plan. I like this plan as natural peanut butter and rye crackers as well as smoothies are staples. Let’s get going even if no longer in our 50’s. My journey will be stout, sixty, and sick of it!????

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