“Sprint” Weight Loss Plan Doesn’t Reach the Finish Line (More Research Reveals Shift in the Diet World)

Sunday weigh day – up 2.2 pounds – now 158.2.

The best thing about experiments, it just that – they are experiments – when the outcome is not what you expected, then you move on instead of feeling like a failure.

Good thing my week of liquid was just an experiment – I lasted just two days.  I quickly became tired of the sweet flavor of the smoothies and decided to try and add more of a “savory” broth to the liquid diet.  To do this, I bought canned chicken and rice soup and strained the liquid for the broth.  It tasted OK, but I didn’t feel great afterwards.  The second day I tried it with a beef based soup, and again didn’t feel great afterwards.  I also got a bit more heartburn.  That could have been from the soups – not sure.  Then I decided to go for the low-calorie Sprint, but ended up getting fixated on sandwiches and pasta and I basically carbed-out.  Thus the weight gain.  Clearly I am really bad at measuring and limiting my volume of consumption.

So, that didn’t work for me!  One of the replies to my last post talked about Dr. Phil’s 20/20 diet.  I read a little about that and believe it to be a bit too regimented for me as you have to eat certain foods.  But, it seems better than just a low-calorie diet.

Weight Watches has a “new” idea for 2018, that they call “Freestyle”.  I haven’t looked at WW for quite some time – last time I checked them out, they were totally on the point system.  That plan never worked for me because, as I said, I am too impatient (and busy) to weigh and measure everything.  Then it seems WW started allowing “zero” point foods like veggies.  Now, they have a huge shift to over 200 “zero” point foods, including “eggs, skinless chicken breast, fish and seafood, corn, beans, peas” and more.  Other foods carry points that are not just related to calories.  It depends on the food composition.  One blogger stated that a Starbucks fancy coffee and scone blew her entire allotment of WW points but only added up to about 800 calories.  Aside from WW still seemingly being fixated on the old fashion “fat-is-bad” bandwagon, they are at least recognizing protein-based foods and fresh fruit and veggies are better than processed grains and sugar.

In doing my “Sprint” plan, I violated one of my basic premises of why the our plan of 3-years ago was so successful – it was because it was a life-style shift and not a diet plan.  And, we never had to “give up” any food.  The basic premise was to eat clean most of the time, but not sacrifice the occasional bad-for-you food if you really wanted to eat it, especially when at a celebration or other special event.  The plan generally fits well with any occasion.

The other key was to cook and be prepared.  I’ve gotten very lazy on this front.  I do love to cook, but I’ve used the excuse that work has been so busy.

Today I start anew – here’s how:

  1. Make list of my favorite foods that fit well with the original FFF plan;
  2. Go grocery shopping;
  3. Cook and prepare the food to make this next week easy-peasy and stress free!


“Sprint” Weight Loss Plan Doesn’t Reach the Finish Line (More Research Reveals Shift in the Diet World) — 3 Comments

  1. P, the meal planning is something D has started for us. He is trying to eat a lot less sodium, for me it’s calories. Every Saturday morning he plans out the meals for the week with some being a “double” portion so we have something for the freezer to use when the days are busy. So far, so good. D does a lot of cooking on the weekends as well to “stock up” for the week. I plan to do more of the planning and cooking when I retire!

    • Have not quite gotten a start on my 20-20 plan, but plan too soon. Trying to get by a few obstacles and restock cupboards properly. Having said that, I did drop one pound by getting back on exercise routine.

  2. Yeah – when successful in the past, I was diligent with the planning and cooking ahead, I guess I didn’t do it long enough to make it a routine or habit.

    As for exercising L, Kudos to you! I only exercised once this last week, but am not giving up! It’s nice that one of us is going in a good direction so far this year!

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