P’s Friday Weigh Day 1.9.2015

Wow – we are rapidly approaching the two-year mark for when D and I started this blog.

There have been great days – like “The Wedding” when I had lost 24 pounds, and most definitely not great days – like stepping on the scale on Dec. 26, 2014 and finding I had gained it all back – to the exact same weight I started with 156.6.  And I had many days in between, some good, some great, some bad and many frustrating!!

Since stepping on the scale two weeks ago, I have been faithful to this plan again.  I really wish I could know why it is that I can be so true to it for certain lengths of time and then completely fall off the wagon for many months.

I have also joined a great gym near my office and have gone two times this week – I am posting my gym visits on FaceBook since public exposure is always a good way to keep a person accountable :-)

So, since I became true again two weeks ago, I have lost 5.4 pounds and am now 151.2 lbs.

I am disappointed with myself for abandoning this plan for so long, and mostly for my on-again-off-again attitude and posting of numerous promises to get back at it, but then not keeping my promise.

This time, I did not post a promise to recommit – I decided that actions do speak louder than words, so here I am – taking action!!

P’s Thankful Thanksgiving 2014

Hello Blog-

I haven’t written for a while because of various excuses – the most significant being that I am just not treating my body right.  I’ve been doing no exercise whatsoever, and I have been eating anything and everything that has grains or processed sugar.  It’s almost as if I am daring myself to see how bad I can make myself feel!

But, I realized that I have so much to be thankful for in my life right now – and so much to look forward to.   B and I have relaxed for a full two days over this Thanksgiving and reflected on what we have – this house, our work, our plans, and our future.  We’ve realized that we are free to live our lives anyway we want instead of molding ourselves to what we think others think we should be doing.  So, we’ve made a pact to do just that – together we’ll decide what we want and how we’ll live and it doesn’t matter what others think (or, probably more accurately, what we think others think!)  We are both looking forward to what 2015 will bring us – after all, it will be our 30th year of being married!!

I even ventured out early today for the fist time in my life on a Black Friday.  Not being one to like random shopping anyway, I have always avoided this shopping day – why add to the hassle with throngs of people?  But, I figured that most shopping-crazies went out yesterday at 5 or 6 p.m. since so many stores started their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving.

And, my plan worked.  The throngs were not out at 8:00 a.m. this morning, and, yes, I got a killer deal on a beautiful Cal. King comforter set – $300 down to $70.  But, unfortunately, since I have gained about 20 pounds back (yes, you heard right – 20 pounds gained back in the last year), I also had to hunt for a formal dress for a holiday party we have to go to next Saturday night.   Not wanting to spend big bucks on a “fat” dress, I hunted for a good deal and found a cute black and red lace dress and a pretty red silk bolero jacket.  I think I’ll enjoy wearing this even in my porky state.

Also, I decided to stop beating myself up and eat, drink and be merry this Thanksgiving. Strangely, by deciding not to beat myself up like I usually do for overindulging on the one holiday weekend designed to make us overindulge, I am finding a renewed fortitude to get back on this plan.

I feel I can take it one day at a time like when we first started this blog.  I am not going to focus on trying to lose weight by this date or that date and have reminded myself that, though I won’t be thin this holiday season, I know that if I eat right most of the time, I will feel great and have the energy to enjoy the Season to the max!

P’s – Days Lasted on “Desparate Measure” Challenge – 2.5

Self awareness is always a good thing – right?

I became self-aware that I am NOT good with highly restrictive diets.  Duh!  That’s why this Plan worked so well for me.

After another 1/2 day of a nagging headache (I have absolutely NO evidence that the headache was due to what I was eating – or not eating), plus mild heartburn (that definitely has to do with what I eat) , I decided to ditch this “cleanse” and eat real food:


El Pollo Loco chicken and a salad of fresh Romaine, carrots, walnuts and Litehouse Big Bleu Dressing – It was terrific!

It’s amazing what boost a couple of couple of days of not-so-severe deprivation did to my attitude towards the on-Plan foods – now I really appreciate all that I CAN eat on this Plan!

P’s 10/20/14 Report on “Desparate Measures” Challenge – Scale Shows 1 More Pound Gone

I made it through day #2 yesterday.  I’m not feeling exceptionally energetic, but then again, I feel less bloated.  Plus, I am down to 147.9.

I’ve had a nagging headache since Sunday morning, it came on before I started this.  Maybe my caffeine intake is off……

Last night it occurred to me that I could use the crock pot to cook stuff that I would normally cook on the stove top.  I browned ground beef and onions in the crock pot on high before adding tomato sauce and chili spices to it to make a crock of chili.  Husband B enjoyed it, and the fact that I can cook during the kitchen make-over made me decide that I would end this Challenge.

Here are meat and onions browning in the crock pot on a fold-out table in our living room (note plastic covering the entry on the left-hand side of the photo):


Though last night I had decided to abandon this Challenge, this morning I decided to do it day-by-day.  I think restricting the variety of food, and reducing the volume of consumption, is exactly what I needed to get me on track and enjoying The Plan again.

So, I will l keep with the Challenge today and see how I feel tomorrow.  As I said, I will take this day-by-day!

P’s 10/19/14 Food, Exercise and Weigh-In

I made it through the first day of my Desperate Action Challenge to myself.

I had 3 Strawberry Yogurt Protein Shakes - using honey instead of Truvia.

I did 15 minutes of intense weights – (1) Cable Crunches; (2) back extensions; (3) bench presses; (4) flies; (5) push-ups; (6) lunges.

Then 10-15 minutes of relaxing swimming.  There are schools of thought that you can get as much benefit from intense, shorter duration exercise 3 x’s per week than long sessions.  I am trying this out.

So, this morning on 10/20, after one day, I weigh 148.9.   That’s over 3 pounds in one day – yes, some weight loss may be water-weight.  But, if the scale continues down, then it will prove to be real weight loss.

P’s 10/19/2014 Plan for an Attitude Adjustment “extremis malis extrema remedia”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Per Wiktionary:  This phrase likely originates with a saying of the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, which appears in his Aphorisms: “For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.”[1]. A similar phrase occurs in Erasmus‘s Latin adage “Malo nodo, malus quærendus cuneus” (from his 1500 book Adagia, which was first published in English in 1545).[2] Another similar Latin saying, “extremis malis extrema remedia,” appears in print as early as 1596.[3]

It is currently used as a Proverb that means: In adverse circumstances actions that might have been rejected under other circumstances may become the best choice.

Due to my inability to stick with The Plan, my unsettling trend to eat whatever comes my way, and the fact that I now weigh 152.3 pounds – I am taking action that I would have rejected under other circumstances.

You read everywhere about people doing various types of “cleanses”.  I know people who have recently “cleansed” for 10 days or more days by the following methods:

  1. Eating 500 calories a day, which must include at least one grapefruit + “weight loss” drops of sorts;
  2. Eating only leafy vegetables with a chicken breast 3 times per day (plus I think some proprietary expensive supplement of sorts);
  3. Eating only fruit, vegetables, and “Juicing”, + vegan protein powder.

They suffer through it for a few days, then get the hang of it and are able to complete the ten days (or three weeks) – they all lose several pounds and it seems like they, ultimately, like the feeling of control and rising to the challenge.

I have never liked the idea of “magic” drops or supplements, nor not eating any fat (it’s good for the brain and skin), and, honestly, maybe I am afraid, deep down, that I do not have the fortitude to last through this type of eating restriction – or maybe I worry what others will think.  But, I do like the idea of the really challenging challenge – something that is structured and needs little thought and little preparation on a daily basis to follow.  Especially since our kitchen is in the middle of being renovated and I can’t cook:


So, I have decided that this is a perfect time to implement “desperate measures” – meaning – to do my own “cleanse” for at least 10 days.  I am making it a “protein cleanse”.  I decided to eat (or actually, drink) my Strawberry Yogurt Protein Shakes for the next 10 days, 3 or 4 times a day starting today.  The basis for nutrition is Lien Pro Matrix, which boasts having numerous vitamins and minerals, 34 grams of protein and “digestive enzymes”.


In addition to strawberries, I will also use blueberries or other berries in order to provide some variety.

Oh yeah – implementing a gym routine is part of the 10-day plan as well.  So, I am off to the gym……

P’s Meals Friday 10/10 – One Day at A Time

Yes, I know – this is a familiar theme – but, one more good day is under my belt and I am determined to keep all days this good.

What prompted me to get back on track?  First, the scale showing 150 helped me there – I cannot keep going up in weight.

Then, B and I cleaned up the kitchen as much as we could after work, so I can start cooking again.  Cooking is my key to success and I will just have to make a better effort in keeping it up while “Project Kitchen Remodel” continues.  It will be challenging because our cabinets aren’t showing up until November!!  As they say – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!  Actually, this applies to weight loss as well!  Be patient and that day will come!

I did much better at photographing my food – I only missed one!

Rolled up deli meet with mustard:


Snack of mixed nuts with dark chocolate nubs (Trader Joe’s – that’s all we had at the office – need to get healthier mix of nuts):


Salad with Romaine, chopped up chicken breast, hard boiled egg, snow peas and Cilantro Ranch Dressing (Litehouse brand) – forgot to take picture.

Dinner – back to cooking – grilled burger and a brat (plus a Stella Beer):


P’s Meals – Saturday 10/4 to Thursday 10/9 – Bad Choices All Week

One thing is for sure – I am a pro at making excuses as to why I eat poorly.  After such a good week last week, I strayed off the path of healthy eating – main excuse – “Project Kitchen Remodel” – and “busy week – lots of appointments”…..


Bacon and eggs:


Then we went to a fund raiser for a local Rotary Club- it was an “Oktober Fiesta” with brats, beer, tacos and tequila, plus really good live entertainment:


There, I first ate a brat without a bun with a beer:


The rest of the day was not so good – one more beer and three street tacos – which I did not photograph.

Then, at home that night – I ate taco salad – I was not even very hungry so I should have skipped it:


On Sunday B and I started to get serious about demoing out the Kitchen:

Kitchen after just top cabinets removed (done a few weeks ago):


Kitchen after one day of major demo – Sunday 10/5 – it stayed this way during the entire week:


Happy to see ugly counter tops in dumpster :-)

Just because I could not cook, I somehow lost all interest in fixing fresh food, such as salads, at home.  It was not the kitchen’s fault – I have plenty of space and table top in the adjoining room where the fridge now sits.  Then, not having good fresh home-cooked food prompted me to eat bad stuff (plus, having lots of appointments out of the office did not help).  So, I ended up eating stuff like:

Fired chicken, fast-food burger (with bun), pre-made popcorn on 3 occasions, fast-food small milkshake on 2 occasions, hummus with pita, Thai panang curry (very good) – not so bad, except I ate the rice too (2 occasions – once the first night we got it and then the next night for left overs); and even a toasted cheese sandwich with tomato soup at a meeting at CoCo’s Thursday night – wow – was this self-sabotage or what???

To make matters worse – none of the bad stuff tasted that good once I was eating it!  Except for the panang curry – it had very fresh veggies and a great spicy sauce.  But, that would have been an “on-plan” meal had I not eaten the rice!

Here are the very few pictures that I did take throughout the week:




All was not lost – we did have a nice sunset one of the nights……


P’s Meals – Thursday 10/2/14 and Friday 10/3/2014

Two more days of staying on plan!  Can’t wait until I have 90 days under my belt and can wear a slinky New Year’s Eve dress!


Cheese slices:


Chicken thigh:




Few more cheese slices (need to get to grocery store!)


Peanuts while waiting for my first ever batch of mini-quiches to cook:


Dinner: One Cheddar and one Greek Style mini-quiche – they were pretty good for the first try – I will work on perfecting it because single serving sized seems more flexible than one full-sized quiche:



Friday:  I did not do a good job taking pictures, but I do remember what I ate:

For breakfast, I ate two more Greek-Style mini quiches.

Snack was 2-3 oz. cheddar cheese.

Lunch was a Greek Salad from a local deli with grilled chicken breast.

Snack while cooking dinner was about 2-3 oz roasted hazel nuts from Trader Joe’s – they were very tasty.

Dinner was taco salad.  For the meat, I cooked ground beef then I added a mix of McCormick’s Taco Seasoning with Trader Joe’s Taco Seasoning, water and tomato paste – then let simmer.  It worked really well with Romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese and sour cream: