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What would happen if…..after speaking with my cuz’ins …..I joined this blog and be honest about expressing how frustrated I am for allowing my love of Food to mess up my life….(kinda like the men in my life hahahaha) Now I understand, I am not placing blame…. I am totally responsible on all accounts as it relates to the food…. and men… So please allow me to start with the food. Here’s how it goes…..ready…..Hi, my name is N and I have an addiction to Food…..to be continued………..

D’s Sun 3.17 meals

Breakfast - I'll call this my "crazy scramble" - one egg, fresh spinach, turkey bacon, a few green olives and a few banana peppers - all cut up and mixed together

Breakfast – I’ll call this my “crazy scramble” – one egg, fresh spinach, turkey bacon, a few green olives and a few banana peppers – all cut up and mixed together


Lunch – same as yesterday’s


Snack – 1/2 can


Dinner – backed chicken, cuke and tomato with oil and vinegar, acorn squash

Not shown: snack of almonds, carrots with ranch dressing thinned with white vinegar

p’s “what would happen if” for week starting 3/16

I know – “weeks” do not start on a Saturday, but for D’s idea of a “meat and veggie” week, she said to start Saturday.  D said she was wondering “what would happen if” we only ate meat and veggies for week.  And, I loved the idea.

Then I got thinking that this “what would happen if” mentality is a lot more dynamic then setting goals.  Over the years, I’ve set hundreds, if not thousands, of goals for myself (many of them being the same goal again and again) and, given that I am still fat and unfit, it’s clear that I have failed to meet most of these goals – how depressing and negative is that?

But, it is much more intriguing (and even fun) to see it as an experiment – what would happen if….

So, in addition to the “meat and veggie” “what would happen if”, I am also going to do these:

“What would happen if…I got out of bed as soon as I wake up?” (see 3/16 food journal for details on this).

“What would happen if…I went to the gym on the days that I planned instead of being “too tired”?

So, with the commencement of these three “experiments”, I look forward to seeing if better health and happiness is what happens.

P’s 3.16 Sat meals – a wonderful day of control and movement

Woke up Saturday with a killer headache – despite no beer the night before. Finally admitted that I wake up 80% of the time with a headache.  Like most mornings, got up to feed the dogs (5:30 a.m.) and took extra-strength pain reliever (made with aspirin,  Acetaminophen, and caffeine).

Usually, I go back to bed, as I did on Saturday.  I generally lay there for another 1 1/2 hours in that uncomfortable state of groggy, all the while letting negative thoughts randomly run through my brain (for example “lots to do at work today; the day will be hectic, what did I not finish yesterday?; I really need to clean the house; I should have worked out yesterday; the weeds outside are getting bad; I really should work on the kitchen project”; ………..”).  These thoughts result in me finally getting up (begrudgingly) in a bad mood.

But, while laying there Saturday, instead of engaging in my usual head-game, I asked “what would happen if I went ahead got up and walked a dog?”  Who cares if it’s still dark out?  So, I threw on work-out tights, a sweatshirt and two of the dogs and I went on a brisk walk.  I felt great when I got home!

Happily ate two hard boiled eggs for breakfast, with no fruit or bread:


We had a dog-adoption event at PetCo, which I had to leave for a couple hours to attend a co-worker’s kids’ b-day party.  Luckily, at the party, they had a taco bar with lots of veggies and fresh guac:


The two-cupcake-cakes looked great, but I definitely now have my head in the game and  had no trouble saying “no.”

The day was going pretty good (aside from a rescue dog barfing in the back seat of the car on the way to the adoption event).

The event was over about 3:30 – we met lots of people interested in adopting a rescue dog.

Yesterday, after talking to D, I had decided I would hit the gym “tomorrow.”  Well “tomorrow” was here so I decided that, come hell or high water (or tiredness), I would work out at the gym.

So, after taking the rescues back to the kennels, and playing with a few that did not get to go to the event, at 5:30 I headed off to the gym!  I did the 11 weight lifting exercises I showed D last week and even did 20 minutes on the rowing machine.  My husband headed home and asked me to pick up beer on my way home after the gym.

After working out, I was pretty hungry – Vons is close, so I stopped there for the beer and got pepper turkey from the deli, a jar of Grey Poupon, and carrots:


Yes, I had my snack in the car.

I generally go for the baloney or sandwich peperoni when at a deli, but decided to up the ante on protein.  I’ll deny I said this later, but the pepper turkey tasted as good as baloney!

I got home that night and my husband had grilled two tri-tips.  He has been perfecting his technique and the tri-tip was REALLY good:


The side dishes are cukes and onions with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt, pepper and garlic, plus mini-portabella shrooms sautéed with olive oil, salt and garlic.

I did NOT drink the beer I brought home.

I went to bed feeling happy for controlling my day and keeping with my plan!

P’s Fri 3.15 meals – a day of self-sabotage

Friday I definitely did NOT have my head in the game – plus, I did not take pictures of everything I ate, so I will have to describe some of it.  To summarize – these kinds of days are what got me to this point – fat, fifty and fed-up.  You just don’t realize the volume you can consume until you list it all down, then you realize – YIKES!

Breakfast was 1 poached egg on toast – off to an OK start.

Mid morning snack was 3/4 cup Fage non-fact yogurt with crushed fresh strawberries, about 1 TBSP of raspberry jam and 1/3 cup of granola – Nature’s Path Pumpkin:


Then for lunch:


Tasty Bits Lentils with 2-small oranges cut up.

I was still at work at about 5:00, and I started getting the urge to eat, that’s where the self-sabotaging behavior started.

I ate another helping of yogurt, jam and granola.  Then 6 small crackers with p-nut butter.

Called D and she suggested a week with just meat, eggs, veggies to “kick-start” the process.  I loved the idea, but it did not start until “tomorrow”.

So, I continued my day of self-sabotage… Ended up at dinner at a favorite pizza place (this place has the BEST homemade garlic-Italian dressing).

Ordered toasted garlic bread with antipasto salad – later noticed that my husband ate none of the bread while I ate both of the half-loaves – pictured below with only 1/2 of  the second loaf left:


Then came the pizza – technically I was already stuffed, but HAD to eat some pizza – that’s why we went there – right?


Had to loosen my skirt on the drive home.

Went to bed feeling stuffed and highly disappointed!


P’s Thurs 3.14 meals

Thursday and Friday were both unplanned and not controlled – this is exactly how I made myself fat.

Breakfast was the freshly baked cinnamon roll at the airport – it actually smelled better then it tasted (a little dry), so I should not have eaten the whole thing:


Lunch was 6″ of a Subway Veggie Delight – no mayo, whole wheat bun (forgot to take a picture, so here is one off the Net):

Dinner was “Tasty Bite” chic peas from Costco, and 1/2 chick salad (Costco) sandwich:


What I noticed is not much protein!




D’s Sat 3.16 meals


Breakfast with Mike at Goldberg’s Deli, veggie omelet (asked for them to make it with two instead of three eggs – ate half), turkey sausage links


Lunch – romaine and kale, carrots, celery, Ranch dessing thinned with white wine vinegar, Boar’s Head deli smoked ham


Dinner - salmon filet with lime, cocktail sauce, broccoli, sauteed mushrooms, red peppers and onions

Dinner – salmon filet with lime, cocktail sauce, broccoli, sauteed mushrooms, red peppers and onions

Not shown: snack of diet coke, almonds

I’m putting captions of what I actually ate this day because this was the first day I did not feel that I was trying to diet. Each meal was satisfying and kept me going easily until the next. I did start getting hungry around 9 pm so I drank a diet coke. I know that’s not too good (diet cokes) so next week I’ll work on giving those up for good. But a day without breads, sweets, cheese, wine was not so bad after all.

Goals for next week, starting today Saturday 3.16

I really want to start next week off with a kick start and try something different. I am going to get off my vegan wannabe diet that I normally strive to follow and try more of a “light meats and veggies” week. So for next week, I will eat small portions of fish, chicken, turkey, eggs with as many veggies as I’d like (with the exception of starchy ones). Light salad dressing and mustard only as condiments. Small amounts of nuts and seeds. No dairy, fruit or breads/pastas.

When p was here last week, we went shopping with my mom and other sister (the petite thin one!). P and I both found outfits at Anthropologie that we fell in love with but knew would not look good on us until we finished our diets. Here is mine, so cute and I think would work on a fiftyish lady who was fit and trim.



D’s Fri 3.16 meals


Breakfast with Peggy at Alon’s – coffee and 1/2 apple bran muffin


Lunch meeting with client – mushroom bisque soup and greek salad at Dunwoody Bistro


Snack while cooking dinner – bag of potato chips from yesterday’s Panera lunch (should have thrown them away!) and wine


Dinner – crab cake from Fresh Market with lemon and cocktail sauce, salad with lite Balsamic dressing, 1/2 baked sweet potato

Not pictured: afternoon snack of coffee and two malted milk balls

Unfortunately no exercise, I am finding that the 4 mile walk must be done in the morning as I tend to use work as an excuse not to go in the afternoons. I will work on this next week.

p’s 3/12 food

3/12 breakfast (crust-less spinach quiche)

breakfast – crust-less spinach quiche

3/12 lunch (meatloaf)

Lunch – meatloaf

3/12 dinner (manicotti and salad)

Dinner- one manicotti and salad

3/12 early evening snack (yogurt with blueberries and granola)

evening snack – yogurt with blueberries and granola

Dove chocolate-ate 6 :-(

Late night snack – Dove chocolate pieces – 2 turned

into 6 :-(

night snack #2 -P&B toast

Later-night snack – PB&J toast

late night snack - 1-donut

Late-late night snack – donut – stopped at 1