D’s Thurs 3.14 meals

breakfast - 1/2 bagel with peanut butter

breakfast – 1/2 bagel with peanut butter


mid morning – other half of bagle, Trader Joe’s veggie burger, kale with a dab of dressing


lunch – chicken bbq salad from Panera (skipped the bread) but ate the whole salad


dinner – salmon with sauce of lime and cocktail sauce, steamed kale and wild rice (Trader Joe’s)

Excercise – 4 mile walk plus weight training (I am liking the program that p did for me except for the crunches and the lunges)

I think I am going to have to give up the wine at night. It is adding sugar that I don’t need. Usually have a glass or two with dinner but I think the calories, I can do without for awhile. Also still need to work on portion control – I did not need to eat the entire Panera salad but could have saved half for dinner.

p’s Wed 3/13 food journal

p had long flight from east coast to west.  Had stayed up really late (3:00 a.m.) to get work done the night before (3/12 – will post pics later).  Had off-plan late-night snacks to stay focused on computer work – good news is that I identified this situation to be a hard-to-control situation for me so I can work on it to avoid repeat offenses – will post evidence of offense later. Still ate OK on 3/13 and planned well, taking food for plane to avoid the “I’m at the airport so can get low nutrition snacks” syndrome. Easily said “no” to cookie snacks on plane due  to not wanting to take picture of it. (Pictures for food journal works!)  Got stuck at Phoenix airport all night due to fog on west coast. Still did OK for late dinner at airport with fresh chicken salad, no mayo on multi-grain bread, with a side of Sunchips and cookie (not a good choice for side dishes, but they came with the sandwich – I know – lame excuse).   This is spring break and spring training in Phoenix.  Tried to rent car with others stuck here to dive the 6 hours to west coast, but no cars left – except for $600 minivan (one day-one way rental).  No hotels either.  Tried to bed down on bench seating in 24-hour deli at airport – new restaurant being built across the isle made lots of construction sounds (drilling, sawing, etc.).  Airport cleaning crews show up at around 2:00 a.m. to clean floors with miniature street cleaners – lots of furniture gets moved around.  Decided to get up at 3:30 smelling deli’s bakery bake fresh goods – washed faced in bathroom  – felt better but soon thereafter succumbed to fresh cinnamon roll and hot coffee.  Will post pics later.  Just heard that my 6 a.m. flight may be cancelled due to fog still causing problems……..


Breakfast – french toast made by mom-in-law.


lunch – Enchilada casserole (also made by mom-in-law) and salad


plane snack – ham sandwich


plane snack #2 – apples and carrots


Plane snack number 3 – tasted REALLY great – cut up cuke with balsamic vinegar and oil, salt, pepper, garlic


Plane snack #4 – flight that turned around


“Stuck at airport” dinner – chick salad sand (was very fresh)





p’s What being healthy would mean to me

I’m over fifty, have my dream career, am blessed with a terrific husband, family, and friends, and live in a great place and am over-all pretty healthy.  But, it seems that no matter what I am doing – giving a presentation, taking a client to lunch, socializing – there sits a large shadow in the back of my mind…. the knowledge that I have a severe case of the FLABS.  In the last two years, my FLAB has invited along more of its good friend POUNDAGE – 21 to be exact – Wow – 21 pounds in two years!  This makes me about 30 pounds overweight (since I generally have about 9 or 10 who maintain permanent residency on my bod).

I love learning about exercise and nutrition, and just a little over three years ago, when I was 48, I did my first sprint triathlon after being a semi-pro couch potato my entire adult life.  Yeah, I know a lot about nutrition and exercise – my problem seems to be following what I know.  So why can’t I follow what I know?  Most people would send me to a shrink to figure that out.  But, no offense to the profession and those that are healed by it, I do not believe in shrinks.  I believe that that the healing power of shrinks lies in the process of verbalizing your thoughts and feelings and engaging in a strong dose of self-examination – this can be done with anyone you trust.  In my case, it will be my big sis.  Why?  Because she is confident, driven and successful in her own career as I am, and owns her own business as I do, and she also thinks that her weight is really holding her back from enjoying her life and moving even farther in her career.

The first thing we are to explore is how would losing the weight affect our lives – her are my thoughts in no particular order:

  • always look smashing giving presentations and meeting new clients
  • enhanced personal relationships on every level
  • wear really cutes suits
  • look great in jeans and boots
  • wear cute sundresses (never even owned one)
  • never dread a pool party
  • feel spunkier
  • 100% concentration on what I am doing (instead of worrying how I look)
  • wake up each morning looking forward to the day
  • less aches
  • less headaches
  • hike without huffing
  • the right to feel SMUG

d’s Wednesday 3.13 meals







I went out to a Greek restaurant for lunch and had a wrap plus salad. I ate about 2/3 of it when I was at the restaurant and the other 1/3 at about 4:00. So for dinner, I wasn’t that hungry and decided to have popcorn and wine : )

Excercise – walked four miles

d’s Tuesday 3.12 meals







Not shown – 2 malted milk balls (large) that I had with coffee in the afternoon.

Notes: Mary and Mike are into the Discovery series “The Bible” so I proposed Tuesday nights be “Bible with a Burger.” Last night I substituted out the fries for a small salad. Next week, I’ll try giving up the bun.

Excercise – 4 mile walk + weight training which I actually enjoyed and kind of made my arms seem stronger as I was making the bed this morning!

d’s Monday 3.11 meals

Challenges – I ate more chips and dip than pictured at dinner. Also drank glass and a half of wine. NO excercise, was going to walk but then it started raining. Otherwise a good day. Pics to come in the a.m


d 3.11 breakfast


d 3.11 lunch


d 3.11 snack


d 3.11 snack


d 3.11 dinner


d’s What being healthy would mean to me

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t either trying to lose weight, trying not to gain weight or just plain obsessing over what I eat and how much excercise I was getting. Up until my fifties, I could diet and get the extra pounds off – not always easily but they would come off with some effort and diligence. Not so after 50. I have about 20 pounds that I just can’t seem to get rid of. And I’m really fed up!

I find that this extra 20 is really making me self-conscious, not only does it make me feel old, I think it really makes me look old! I eat healthy, exercise moderately but that is obviously not working anymore. So I need to start paying more attention – to my portions, to my habits and mostly to what my body is telling me, “I’m too fat now!”

I know that if I were to lose this weight, the benefits would be enormous: I would –

  • feel more energetic
  • not shy away from social/networking events because I don’t have anything that I think looks good on me
  • wear cute jeans
  • ride my bike to client meetings that are close to me (strangely although this would be good for me to do now, I don’t do it because I don’t like to wear pants when I’m this fat. Somehow a fiftyish, overweight woman in a skirt riding up to a meeting doesn’t strike me as a pretty picture)
  • go through my closet and eliminate all those ugly sweat pants

These are just a few of the things I can think of, not to mention what I’d be doing for my overall health. So I am determined this time and with my sister P as my partner in this – well it sure makes me feel like I’m not alone here. I think we can do it…